5 Ways to Totally Reinvigorate a Lacklustre Living Space

Beautiful Living Space Revamp

A lot of us have been using all the extra time this year has given us by taking on some nifty little home improvement projects. We’ve done up our outdoor spaces, restored our garden beds, and have maybe even reorganised our kitchens just on a whim. But these weary days of lockdown may have had an adverse effect on one room in particular: your living space. Be sure to follow this little guide if you’re looking to give your living room a little TLC.

1. Splurge on The Essentials

To be quite frank, life’s too short to be content with worn down or subpar lounge furniture. You’ll want to return home to a space that just invites you to lay back, a throw draped across your knees, and your mind steadily emptying with an episode or two of your current favourite TV show. There’s no denying that your living space will feel infinitely more fresh and inviting if you update your lounge essentials. We’re talking of course about investing in some new and improved lounge furniture, like a luxurious leather lounge or some quality lift chairs to provide your space with an added sense of freedom and flexibility.

2. Rearrange Your Space

Sometimes the only thing that’s stopping your living room from feeling as fresh as it could be is a simple rearrangement of the elements in your space. Of course, fine-tuning the feng shui of your living room is usually a little more complicated than doing so for other interior spaces, mostly due to the higher range of varying elements that are usually present in our living spaces. Unlike bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms, living spaces are usually multifunctional and are thus, more likely to be rearranged more often than any other room in your home. Don’t be afraid to try new things! You may be surprised with the end result.

3. Add Some Greenery

Nothing reinvigorates an interior space like some well-placed houseplants! Houseplants have garnered a bit of reputation in the interior design world for being fantastic organic accents in virtually any and all interior design styles, not to mention that there are a number of great physical and emotional health benefits to incorporating houseplants into your home environment that also makes these little green additions definitely worth your while. You can match specific types of plants with specific design palettes, or if you’ve already got a bit of a green thumb, you can easily just go with your favourite plants and experiment till you find an arrangement that works for you.

4. Go DIY

Speaking of home improvement projects, chances are high that over the course of this year you’ve had a go at upcycling a piece of furniture or making some dreamcatchers, or any number of other rainy day crafts. But these little crafts don’t just need to be boredom-busters. In fact, it’s becoming more and more common for hobbyist interior designers to go DIY as a means of finding new and innovative living room decor! Even something as simple as a series of original cross-stitched creations can immediately boost the charm and atmosphere of your living room, alongside providing you and your family with an opportunity to make your own mark around the house!

5. Smart Home Accessories

With the growing popularity of smart lighting in particular, it’s quite common to see interior designers use smart lighting as a means of boosting the flexibility of living spaces, allowing them to rapidly morph from one atmosphere to another with the tap of a button. Smart home accessories can be used to boost both the functionality and the accessibility of your living spaces. In fact some features of smart home tech like voice control, sensors, and timed functionality, can become valuable additions to your household, especially if you have differently abled or neurodiverse friends or loved ones.


Be sure to experiment with all five methods outlined in this article in order to make the most of this redesign and reinvigoration project!

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