5 Unique Things To Do In Victoria (VIC) With Family In 2022

5 Unique Things To Do In Victoria (VIC) With Family In 2022

Are you looking for the best things you can do in Victoria (VIC) with your family? If yes, then you are at the right place. In this post, you can learn about what you can do and enjoy with your family visiting victoria.

Butchart Gardens

Even though the garden is only a quick train ride away from Victoria, it is one of the town’s most famous traveler destinations and well worth seeing. It also is a spot that may go multiple times per year to witness how the weather shifts. In the wintertime, the gardens are beautiful, featuring an ice skate park and a spectacular light show in December. Jennie Butchart started this garden in 1904. She was the wife of a quarry owner. 

She developed a lovely garden. The flowers have subsequently been transformed into a 20-hectare floral tour de force without equal in Canada, thanks to the moderate environment.

Tour to Inner Harbour

The picturesque Inner Harbour of Victoria is the key attraction and the most fantastic place for visitors to begin their journey. Several of the city’s most popular attractions are either on the waterfront or inside a short walk. On bright days, you may take a stroll down the riverfront, passing past the Imperial Resort and Parliamentary building, or drop in at a cafe for a quick meal.

It is a fantastic spot to visit if you’re looking forward to doing it in Victoria. From the docks, boat cruises depart, and horse-drawn vehicles ply the roads overhead. Concerts and other activities are hosted often in this region, but there is always something going on.

Market Square

Market Square is the heart of the city. It is among Victoria’s most distinctive retail districts. The market is an open-air space hidden from public view from the road among beautifully maintained ancient buildings. The surrounding multi-layered area with patios and the sunlit main square offers a regular schedule of concerts.

Market Square is a collection of over 30 shops, cafes, and activities, including shops, eateries, and assistance. Stroll around it and visit a few shops to locate unique products such as art shows, jewelry, and handicrafts.

Tour to Cook Street Village

Cook Street Village is among Victoria’s most fashionable neighborhoods. Down the main sidewalk from Beacon Hill Park, a unique small enclave includes beautiful restaurants and excellent stores. For most of the year, eateries’ terraces are full of customers enjoying the atmosphere.

The travelers keep themselves occupied by doing some natural viewer viewing. Under a giant tree, the food vendors get their own private space with outdoor tables. So wherever you go in Victoria, you must visit this cook street village.

Fort Rodd Hill National Historic Site

Fort Rodd Hill National Historic Landmark is approximately 13 kilometers northwest of Victoria. It helps protect the sheltering waterways of Esquimalt Harbour, which was initially a British naval station. When touring Victoria, a trip to Fort Rodd Hill National Historic Site is necessary. The building has several intriguing safe houses for youngsters to discover and weapons to ride on, and something unusual is regularly washed up on the beach in the front.

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What is the most visited place in Victoria?

The possibilities for a visit to Ballarat are endless! Where to go in Victoria? Sovereign Hill is one of the state’s most popular attractions. Sovereign Hill is its most famous attraction and draws visitors from all over the state.

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