5 Unique Things To Do In Adelaide With Family In 2022

5 Unique Things To Do In Adelaide With Family In 2022

There are a variety of amazing things to do in Adelaide (SA). You may easily plan day trips from Adelaide to explore the Barossa Wine Valley, Adelaide Hills, or the towns side of Glenelg and Henley Beach because most of the significant Adelaide tourist areas are so near together.

Suppose you want to experience some history and culture without leaving the city. In that case, there are many museums, historic landmarks, music venues, art galleries, and athletic events to make you feel comfortable.

Whether you’re searching for activities in Adelaide, toddler place activities in Adelaide, or things in Adelaide for families, you are in the right place.

What is it about Adelaide that is so attractive?

Adelaide is one of the finest Australian places to visit because of its bustling city life, arts, and several yearly events. From the green space downtown to the Adelaide Hills, plenty of outdoor activities and parks to enjoy.

The Best Things to Do- In Adelaide

For your perfect trip, check out the list of top activities for kids Adelaide has to offer, including the family place in Adelaide and the most fun things for them to do in Adelaide!! There’s also a family-friendly map of Adelaide’s best things to do.

The stunning Adelaide Botanic Gardens are the perfect place to relax.

The Adelaide Botanic Gardens are over 50 hectares of the luxuriant park in the heart of Adelaide’s downtown area. The Botanic Gardens are certainly one of Adelaide’s most popular tourist destinations if you’re a plant lover or want to enjoy the old architecture.

A Wonderful Adventure

Another one for the thrill-seekers out there. In West Beach, maneuver your way through an airborne obstacle course. To do it on their own, children must be taller than 120cm, or children between 120 and 140 cm can serve as adults. There’s also a cafe offering wine, which is a good idea for parents.

Take a tour of the South Australian Art Gallery.

History fans, and art lovers, will find something interesting at the Art Gallery of South Australia! It is one of Adelaide’s top places to visit and ranges from aboriginal works to historical and modern paintings and furnishings.

Every room has a unique motif that has been thoughtfully chosen. The magnificent collection of over 42,000 works of art will undoubtedly wow you! The gallery in Adelaide is for people of any age, but they still provide a selection of family-friendly activities.

Climbing Into A Tree

If your kids aren’t afraid of heights, take them to Adelaide’s first inner-city aerial park to climb through the trees. Children of all ages come as long as they are taller than 100cm.

Bike Near the Torrens River

The River Torrens and Linear Park are for anybody visiting Adelaide. Rent a bike for stations and take a long walk along the 30km long walkway and bike path that runs along both river banks. The Adelaide Festival Centre, Adelaide Zoo, and the Botanic Gardens will all be seen from your destination.

The Adelaide Oval, a few old buildings, and stunning architecture may be visible if you pass from the bridges to the north side. Watch the rowing crews on the river and then have a bite to eat or a drink of wine at one of the numerous restaurants.

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Fun Fact

Is there a lot to do in Adelaide?

Discovering bronze pigs, bluestone mansions and watching the most amazing sunsets are only some of the things to do in Adelaide. A city of festivals, museums and gardens, Australia’s fifth-largest city doesn’t share the same convict roots as other Australian cities.

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