10 Amazing Waterfall Hikes in South Australia

Popular Waterfall Hikes in South Australia

When you’re in South Australia, you’ll find many things to occupy yourself with while you’re there.

10 Amazing Waterfall Hikes in South Australia

For the hiking enthusiasts, the waterfalls in the region allow you to connect with nature and its wilderness. After all, South Australia is famous for a lot of its natural attractions, including wildlife.

To help you plan out your hiking trip, here are ten fantastic waterfall hikes that you should check out in South Australia.

Ingalalla Falls

If you’re looking for a waterfall hike in South Australia that’s accessible to anyone; the Ingalalla Falls hiking trail is the one for you.

It’s a straightforward hike. It’s a short 500-meter walk to and from the Ingalalla Falls, so it shouldn’t take you more than 45 minutes to go back and forth the entire trail.

From Adelaide city, you can get to the Ingalalla Falls trail after about an hour and a half drive. The terrain is relatively flat, so you won’t have to worry about sharp inclines. However, if you want to reach the upper falls, that part can be more challenging. The trail to get there is steeper and slippery.

Ingalalla Falls is the best place to hike with the family. That’s because the trail is short, and there are picnic tables set up at the start and along the way to the falls itself.

Three Falls Grand Hike

The Three Falls Grand Hike in Morialta Conservation Park is half an hour’s drive away from Adelaide city. The entire hike will take you about one and a half hours to three and a half hours to complete depending on your pace. The trail length is about seven kilometres or around four miles. This hike goes through all three of the waterfalls that you can find in Morialta Conservation Park.

Although hiking poles are optional, you can still bring them with you if you’re uncomfortable.

Some of the hiking trail parts can be quite steep, so if you’re not used to that, make sure you prepare. This hiking trail classification is that it’s a Grade 3 hike, or a Moderate Level hike.

10 Amazing Waterfall Hikes in South Australia

Waterfall Hike

Waterfall Hike is a hiking trail that’s relatively near Adelaide city. You can get there after around 20 minutes of driving from Adelaide city. The Waterfall Hike is in Adelaide Hills. More specifically, it’s in Belair National Park. The Waterfall Hike is Belair National Park’s most challenging hiking trail with a Grade 3 rating, so it’s a moderately challenging hike.

The entire hike will take you around three hours to finish. It’s a six and a half kilometre circuit or around a four-mile walk. Besides going on a hike alone, you can also spend some time with your dog on the hike, as long as you keep their leash on them.

When you get to the falls, make sure that you walk carefully as those parts can be quite slippery the nearer to the falls you are. If you want to catch a genuinely flowing waterfall in this hiking trail, then know that the waterfalls here flow more after the rain.

Mannum Waterfalls

From Adelaide city, it is a one and a half-hour drive to get to Mannum Waterfalls.

It is a three-kilometre or almost two-mile hike, and it will take you two to three hours to finish the entire trail to get to Mannum Waterfalls.

The Mannum Waterfalls are by the Mannum River around Lakes and Coorong. The trail starts from the lower pools around Reedy Creek up to the waterfalls themselves. The hike itself is of a moderate level, so you need some experience to finish this hike with ease. However, people of all ages can still enjoy this hike.

Besides the hike, you can also enjoy birdwatching in this area and keep an eye out for local animals.

Deep Creek Waterfall

If you’re looking for a waterfall hiking trail that’s a little longer than the previous ones on this list, you have to try hiking to the Deep Creek Waterfall. Deep Creek Waterfall is within Deep Creek Conservation Park, one and a half to two hours away from Adelaide. You can find it within the Fleurieu Peninsula.

The hike to get to Deep Creek Waterfall isn’t an easy undertaking. It’s a reasonably steep hiking trail, and many people consider it to be an arduous hike with a Grade 4 rating to go with it. Overall, the Deep Creek Waterfall hike is 12 km or around a seven-mile circuit, which will take you around seven hours to complete the entire course.

If you want a more manageable hike, you can chop the walk up into four hiking trails. These four hiking trails have different lengths. But if you don’t have the time to do a seven-hour hike but still want to see some parts of the trail, you should consider looking up the other trails.

These will get you around different parts of the Deep Creek Conservation Park without taking too much time.

Sturt Gorge Conservation Park

Another circuit waterfall hiking trail that you can enjoy is the loop of Upper Sturt Gorge, which you can find in Sturt Gorge Conservation Park.

Sturt Gorge Conservation Park is less than an hour away from Adelaide city. It’s around the region of Adelaide Hills within Adelaide city and Suburbs.

10 Amazing Waterfall Hikes in South Australia

This circuit hiking trail is an almost eight-kilometre hike or almost a five-mile hike. It will take you three to four hours, depending on your pace, to finish the circuit. It’s also a challenging hike with a Grade 4, so you need to have some experience hiking rougher and undulating terrain to survive this hike with ease.

When you’re preparing to hike at the Sturt Gorge Conservation Park, ensure that you have waterproof hiking boots. That’s because you’re going to encounter plenty of river crossings.

Hindmarsh Falls

Another hike that you can find around the Fleurieu Peninsula is the hike leading up to the Hindmarsh Falls. To get to the walk from Adelaide city, it will take you around one to two hours to get there from driving. The hike itself, however, won’t even make you an hour to finish. At most, it’s going to take you 15 minutes or so to complete the 200-meter hiking trail.

You can spend a short while overlooking the Hindmarsh Falls, so if you don’t have the time for a full-blown adventure, you can stop by Hindmarsh Falls. There is also a picnic area nearby, around the lower car park, so you can also enjoy a picnic with friends and family if you want to when you stop by the falls.

Waterfall Trail

You might think that the Waterfall Trail is like the Waterfall Hike, but these are two different trails.

Instead of the Belair National Park, you can find the Waterfall Trail at the Mark Oliphant Conservation Park. This Conservation Park will take a half-hour drive from Adelaide city.

The hiking trail itself is of moderate difficulty, which you can finish in at least an hour.

Since you can finish this hike fast enough, you might want to consider hiking the other trails present in the park, aside from the Waterfall Trail.

Waterfall Gully

The hike up Mount Lofty, starting at the Waterfall Gully will get you through six of the seven waterfalls found in the Cleland Conservation Park.

You can get to Cleland Conservation Park from Adelaide city in just 20 minutes. The seventh falls not in the trail is the Second Falls, and it’s 500 meters away from the start of the hike up Mount Lofty.

The best falls in this hiking path would be the First Falls, so you should look forward to that the most. The hike itself is relatively challenging as a hike at Grade 4.

It can take you anywhere from an hour and a half to three hours to complete the almost eight-kilometre or almost five-mile walk to and from Mount Lofty.

10 Amazing Waterfall Hikes in South Australia
The Terraces

One of the best waterfall hikes that you can experience in South Australia is the Alligator Gorge Ring Route Hike.

This hiking trail is significant because of one of its best features, the Terraces. It boasts a series of small but fascinating smooth-flowing waterfalls.

The entire hike spans almost nine kilometres or a five and a half-mile walk, and it’s going to take you about four hours to complete it. It’s moderately strenuous with a Grade 3 rating.

You can find the Terraces or the Alligator Gorge Ring Route Hike inside the Mount Remarkable National Park. The location is a three-and-a-half-hour drive from Adelaide city.

Besides the Terraces, you can also enjoy the Narrows, a gorge that you walk through for several hundred meters.


There’s nothing quite like the sight of the stark white that comes from water splashing against rocky terrain.

If you haven’t gone on a waterfall hike hunting yet, South Australia will be the best place to try sticking to that hiking theme for your next trip.

Whether it’s with family or as an expert hiker, there’s bound to be a waterfall hike you can experience in South Australia. If you find yourself around this area, try out these waterfall hikes yourself!

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10 Amazing Waterfall Hikes in South Australia



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Fun Fact

What is the tallest waterfall in South Australia?

Wallaman Falls in Queensland are Australia’s tallest permanent waterfall with a plunge of nearly 300 metres (980 ft). Wollomombi Falls in New South Wales are second with a 220-metre (720 ft) combined drop and Ellenborough Falls, also in New South Wales, is third plunging 160 metres (520 ft) as a single drop.



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