5 Symbols And Signs Of Valentine’s Day That Defines Love

Symbols and signs of valentine’s day

Red hearts, red flowers, red color, a boy with a bow and arrows are some of the symbols or signs that define love. Some of these above things are associated with love and represent that it’s Valentine’s Day.

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Symbols And Signs Of Love That Shows It’s Valentine’s day

Read on to find the meanings of these signs because every symbol has a deep story behind.


The Heart is the supreme symbol of love which shows the intense feelings of someone’s love. For a long ago, it was believed that the all emotions and feelings for someone came from the heart. After some time, the heart shape becomes a sign of love and romance. TThen, heart-shaped cards, heart-shaped cakes, heart-shaped cookies, heart-shaped pillows, heart-shaped designs on shirts, heart-shaped jewelry and accessories from https://adinaeden.com and other items become special gifts every 14th of February.


Roses are also playing an important role on the 14th of February. Roses are also considered as the messenger of love. Roses are also used to express their love for someone. Red roses are always at the first choice because red represents the intense feelings of love for someone special.

Love Knots:

Love knots are also another sign that shows the love. Everything that contains love knots and twisting loops represents Love. Love knots are usually known as the signs that shows the eternal love. Love knots are discovered from Ireland. In the Middle East, Muslim women were used to express their love feelings to their men by giving love knots in carpets.

Love Birds:

Those cute and colorful birds that found in Africa, are known as love birds. These birds are called love birds because they used to sit together and close to each other. They always stay together, never apart just as lovers’ lives. Many peoples believed that love birds can’t live without their partners.

Love birds, swans and doves also are known as the symbol which represent the pure love and loyalty to each other. White doves are also used in weddings, which represent the love, peace, loyalty.

Lace, Ribbons, and Frills:

Lace, ribbons and frills are the symbols which associated with Valentine’s day. A story which explains the role of lace and tell how it becomes a symbol of love. For hundred years ago, women were used to make handkerchiefs of laces. They were used, these lace handkerchiefs to express their love for the man she likes. Women drop her handkerchief on purpose and hoping that the man pick it up and accept her love for him.

Stay tuned for more lovely posts and happy valentine’s day 2021 to all lovers around the world. 🙂

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