5 Movies Like The Himalayas To Watch

Best Movies Like The Himalayas

Here is our list of Movies like The Himalayas that we are sure you will enjoy. Based on actual events, renowned mountaineer UM Hong-gil undertakes the most difficult task of his life when he travels to Everest to retrieve the body of his late junior climber.

The Himalayas Related Movies List

A Walk in the Woods

Year: 2015

Director: Ken Kwapis

After living in England for 20 years, Robert Redford’s character Bill Bryson decides that the best way to reconnect with his native country is to hike the Appalachian Trail with Stephen Katz, one of his closest friends (Nick Nolte).

Against the Ice

Year: 2022


Two explorers on a Denmark expedition in ice-covered Greenland in 1909 struggle to survive after being abandoned.


Year: 2014

Director: Jean-Marc Vallée

An account of a woman’s 1,100-mile solo hike, which she completed as a means of getting over a recent personal tragedy.


Year: 2018

Director: Joe Penna

After a plane crash leaves him stranded in the Arctic, the man must choose between staying in the relative safety of his makeshift camp and setting out on a perilous journey through the unknown.

The Climbers

Year: 2019

Director: Daniel Lee

The China Everest Climbing Commando’s four members take on the most challenging mountain. They have expended too much physical energy on the first four failures before the wind and snow close the gap.

The Best Movies Like The Himalayas

I hope you find something on this list you will enjoy; if you like The Himalayas, we are sure you will enjoy the rest of these titles. Comment below on other movies you have enjoyed similar to The Himalayas.

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