5 Movies Like Holiday To Watch

Best Movies Like Holiday

Here is our list of Movies like Holiday that we are sure you will enjoy. A contemporary dark gangster story set in the picturesque port city of Bodrum on the Turkish Riviera features a love triangle involving the trophy girlfriend of a minor drug lord who is caught up in a web of luxury and violence.

Holiday Related Movies List

The Untamed

Year: 2016

Director: Amat Escalante

An encounter with a mysterious creature begins when a couple in an unhappy marriage discovers a meteorite. The discovery of the creature, which is a source of both pleasure and destruction, turns their lives on their head.


Year: 2013

Director: Amat Escalante

When Heli’s 12-year-old sister unintentionally brings his young family into the dangerous drug trade, he is forced to make an effort to protect them. He faces off against an enraged drug cartel as well as an untrustworthy police force.


Year: 2021

Director: Prano Bailey-Bond

Enid, a film censor, decides to investigate the past mystery of her sister’s disappearance after watching a strangely familiar video nasty. Her journey blurs the boundaries between fact and fiction.


Year: 2021

Director: Julia Ducournau

After a string of bizarre crimes, a father is reunited with his missing son after 10 years.

The Night House

Year: 2020

Director: David Bruckner

A widow starts learning the unsettling secrets her recently deceased husband kept from her.

The Best Movies Like Holiday

I hope you find something on this list you will enjoy; if you like Holiday, we are sure you will enjoy the rest of these titles. Comment below on other movies you have enjoyed similar to Holiday.

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