5 Movies Like Freeze To Watch

Best Movies Like Freeze

Here is our list of Movies like Freeze that we are sure you will enjoy. Captain Mortimer gets more than he bargained for during a rescue mission to the North Pole to find an old friend and his missing expedition crew when his ship is trapped in the ice sheet and attacked by bloodthirsty fish-creatures.

Freeze Related Movies List

Spoonful of Sugar

Year: 2022

Director: Mercedes Bryce Morgan

Johnny is a sickly, mute child with severe allergies, and Millicent is taking a semester off from school to care for him. His father, Jacob, is a carpenter, and his mother, Rebecca, is an author.


Year: 2022

Director: Jon Wright

Maya and Jamie, a married couple, flee their urban nightmare for the tranquility of rural Ireland, only to learn that murderous and benevolent goblins are hiding in the gnarled, old wood at the base of their new garden.


Year: 2022

Director: Adrian Langley

A group of soldiers who are imprisoned in a bunker during World War I encounter an evil presence that gradually drives them apart.

Children of the Corn

Year: 2020

Director: Kurt Wimmer

After the adults’ negligence destroys the crop and the children’s future, the film describes the events leading up to and including the massacre of the adults of a small town in Nebraska by their children.

Black Mountain Side

Year: 2012

Director: Nick Szostakiwskyj

An archaeological find is made in Canada’s farthest north, a frigid, desolate outpost. On Nov. 1, a specialist shows up. Strange events occur. The outside world can no longer be reached at all.

The Best Movies Like Freeze

I hope you find something on this list you will enjoy; if you like Freeze, we are sure you will enjoy the rest of these titles. Comment below on other movies you have enjoyed similar to Freeze.

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