5 Movies Like Exit 0 To Watch

Best Movies Like Exit 0

Here is our list of Movies like Exit 0 that we are sure you will enjoy. A young couple sets out on a weekend getaway in hopes of mending their failing relationship. A seemingly innocent weekend turns dark when the man discovers a videotape chronicling an alleged murder that took place in his own hotel room years ago.

Exit 0 Related Movies List


Year: 2016

Director: E.B. Hughes

A troubled man survives a suicide attempt. He calls an old friend to rescue him in the middle of the night. Their journey is just beginning, and by daybreak, a tragedy will surface.

Brut Force

Year: 2022

Director: Eve Symington

Sloane Sawyer reluctantly returns to her rural California hometown to investigate harassment of vineyard workers and uncover a tangled web of crime and corruption.

Wired Shut

Year: 2021

Director: Alexander Sharp

When his estranged daughter surprises him with an unexpected visit while recovering in his remote mountain home after major jaw surgery, disillusioned novelist is exposed to a life-threatening secret.

Wrong Place

Year: 2022

Director: Mike Burns

Methamphetamine cook hunts down the former Police chief of a small town to silence him before he can testify against his family, but ends up facing more than he bargained for.

River Road

Year: 2022

Director: Rob Willey

An intense relationship between a rock musician and a free-spirited woman soon spirals into a world of drug addiction and crime.

The Best Movies Like Exit 0

I hope you find something on this list you will enjoy; if you like Exit 0, we are sure you will enjoy the rest of these titles. Comment below on other movies you have enjoyed similar to Exit 0.

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