5 Movies Like AKA To Watch

Best Movies Like AKA

Here is our list of Movies like AKA that we are sure you will enjoy. When a tough special operations agent infiltrates a criminal organization and unanticipatedly develops a bond with the boss’s young son, his morality is put to the test.

AKA Related Movies List

The Mother

Year: 2023

Director: Niki Caro

An assassin emerges from hiding to defend the daughter she abandoned earlier in life while running from dangerous attackers.

Lost Bullet

Year: 2020

Director: Guillaume Pierret

When his mentor is killed by corrupt officers, a former minor offender who became a police mechanic for a go-fast task force is forced to defend his innocence.

The Protégé

Year: 2021

Director: Martin Campbell

The most accomplished contract killer in the world, Anna was saved as a young child by the legendary killer Moody. She makes a vow of vengeance for the man who taught her everything, though, after Moody is brutally murdered.


Year: 2021

Director: Joe Carnahan

A cunning con artist plans to hide out inside a small-town police station while on the run from a deadly assassin. However, when the hitman shows up at the precinct, a rookie cop who wasn’t expecting it finds herself in the assassin’s sights.


Year: 2023

Director: Onur Saylak

A couple from Istanbul relocates to a village near the Aegean Sea in order to begin a peaceful new life. They will soon learn, though, that they have a lot of adversaries in this village.

The Best Movies Like AKA

I hope you find something on this list you will enjoy; if you like AKA, we are sure you will enjoy the rest of these titles. Comment below on other movies you have enjoyed similar to AKA.

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