5 Genius Ideas To Make Your Airbnb A Relaxing And Cozy Heaven

A vacation is the perfect opportunity for everyone to relax and rejuvenate without having anything to stress about. While many people opt to stay in hotels and resorts, in recent times, Airbnb has rapidly gained popularity thanks to the uninterrupted privacy it offers.

However, not every guest will treat your property the same, and there is a chance you might be left with a property that needs more care and cleaning before the listing can go live again. It is always best to consider short term Airbnb management services to ensure your property is ready for the next vacation story again. To add to the joy, here are some incredible ways to make your Airbnb a ravishing, relaxing, and memorable experience for your guests!

5 Ideas to Turn Your Airbnb into A Relaxing and Cozy Heaven

  • Make your property incredibly photo-friendly: Most people on vacation want to keep their social media followers engaged and entertained. By making your property more photographable, you are ensuring that your guests take more pictures.

    They are also more likely to tag your Airbnb location when they post, boosting the pool of user-generated content of your listing. Additionally, making your property picture-worthy ensures that you are constantly investing in improving your property’s aesthetic appeal.

    The more unique you are able to make your listing, the more people will want to spend time in it, soaking in the goodness.

  • Make your beds and bedsheets scream luxury: Imagine this – you are going on a vacation you have forever been planning and saving for, and at the end of the day, when you are exhausted with all the activities, you are hoping to catch a good night’s sleep only to find that the bed is not soft enough.

    Such a situation is incredibly disappointing and might always make your guest feel tired. Investing in high-quality mattresses and bedding ensures that you are able to provide an amazing sleeptime experience to your guests. It also makes your property feel more luxurious, something that every guest on a vacation wants to experience. Consider investing in organic fabrics that are easy on the skin and feel like clouds.

    Focus on buying mattresses that support the spine and make it easy to fall asleep in. Invest in bedding that is adequate for the season and is easy to use. Avoid choosing materials that cling to the skin or are difficult to fold.

  • Make the bathroom experience lavish: Consider making your bathroom a walk-in heaven for people who love to unwind in the shower before they decide to eat their next meal or sleep. Invest in high-quality bathroom ware and accessories that make taking a shower a spa experience.

    Avoid adding black or dark-coloured tiles and bathroom ware as they can retain hard water stains. Opt for metal accessories over plastic ones. Additionally, consider buying luxe towels and robes that can be customised with your Airbnb’s name on them.

    Also, consider providing a basic toiletry kit, as most guests forget basic toiletries when packing their bags.

  • Personalize their stay experience: Melbourne is a top pick for many vacationers. Adding a name to your Airbnb creates a personalized experience for your guests. It also makes for instant brand recognition and recollection when they are in the middle of a conversation and want to share their experience at your property.

    Consider keeping the name inspired by something that is unique to the location, or it means a lot to you. Naming your property also makes it possible for cab service providers like Uber to pin it, adding to the convenience for your guests.

  • Choose lighting properly: Your guests are at the venue to relax. They do not want to be reminded of their workspace lighting. Instead of installing harsh lights, consider investing in soft lighting that doesn’t stress the eye too much.

    You can also opt to install motion sensor lights that make it convenient for your guests to use the bathroom without worrying about tripping or falling. Installing smart lighting is also an amazing way to save on electricity bills as well.

    There are ample rebates and energy schemes available that you can sign up for your property. They make your property energy-efficient and future-ready.

Parting words

Getting your Airbnb ready to host guests is exciting. For some, it is an opportunity to meet new people, while for others, it is an opportunity to generate ROI from their property investments. Whatever the reason for being a host, it is important to keep your Airbnb property ready to make your guests feel at home away from home by carefully planning and making changes to your property.

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