4 Cryptocurrencies That Are Likely to Set the Trend in April 2023

Since there have been so many events in the crypto space, you may be wondering what’s your best investment option in April 2023. Well, with this top of digital currencies likely to explode this spring, you’ll most probably find out.

The virtual currency market is still struggling with the crypto market, which seems never to end. However, there’s hope on the horizon, especially with the coming of April. Experts believe this is an ideal time for investors to purchase coins at a steep discount and adventure into some new promising cryptocurrencies. Indeed, it’s nearly impossible to know with certainty which coins are next to skyrocket in value. Anyway, given the recent developments in the space, among which the most notable is the Ethereum Shapella upgrade, crypto analysts and investors alike feel opportunist about a potential surge of many coins’ prices. And this is about more than Bitcoin and Ethereum – although if you want to invest in these two, we won’t blame you. Just be sure you research the Ethereum price today or the Bitcoin price history so that you know you have made the right choice.

But in case you feel more adventurous, here’s a list of potential candidates to set the trend starting April 2023. Read on for more:

Love Hate Inu (LHINU)

Love Hate Inu has gotten into the public eye lately as a revolutionary platform allowing users to vote on a range of subjects. These vary from lighthearted topics, such as the introduction of a new meme, to more serious social issues, local referendums, and elections. Famous figures like Donald Trump and Elon Musk will also be subjects of debate, another reason why fans are thrilled with the idea of this voting ecosystem.

Smart contracts and blockchain technology will back all “love” and “hate” votes, so security, transparency, and fairness will dictate the way in which these votes are conducted. Also, individuals’ identity is hidden, as they can vote anonymously. However, in order to go to the polls, users need to stake LHINU tokens. That’s because their voting power depends on how many coins they’ve staked and for how long.

Anyway, Love Hate Inu’s most impressive aspect is its vote-to-earn system. This will enable users to earn rewards for casting their votes. And the most exciting part? It could be anything from extra LHINU coins and limited-edition NFTs. Not only does this reward system give participants a chance to take their returns to new heights, but it could also become a powerful polling tool for various companies and brands worldwide. This could be the place where imposing metaverse projects are born and where valuable partnerships are formed. So, there’s no further need to say how trending it is in the community.

Fight Out (FGHT)

Fight Out is another promising project with big ambitions. Numerous investors worldwide have already taken note of this play-to-earn cryptocurrency, and the reasons are many. First, Fight Out is the one project that has brought virtual training into the blockchain world. Second, participants in the ecosystem will be able to earn digital rewards as a result of their training efforts. For instance, if you complete a 10km jog or lift substantial weights, you’ll likely receive REPS prizes. 

Most notably, Fight Out is a platform that can adapt to each and every participant’s needs. Thus, users can immerse themselves in everything from private consultations with professional coaches and live training sessions to on-demand workouts. Fight Out aims to improve fitness and health regimens and motivate users and does that not only through a move-to-earn model but also through tailored workouts designed to meet everyone’s abilities. However, remember that you first need to stake FGHT in order to indulge in the project’s Web3 app.

C+Charge (CCHG)

Since sustainability is a global concern, more and more companies are taking steps towards a greener future. Cryptocurrency projects are no stranger to such attempts, and C+Charge is just one of those that has managed to get in the spotlight. This eco-friendly project aims to make it more reachable for EV drivers to charge their cars. Thus, an innovative network of blockchain-based EV charging stations will be available for drivers around the world, allowing them to know with certainty how much charging costs and decide which station to choose. This concept is meant to eliminate any hidden fees or unpleasant surprises when it comes to EV charging. Drivers can finally enjoy the charging experience due to a streamlined ecosystem. Moreover, the Web3-backed project will bridge the gap between the EV charging industry and the carbon credits market by giving individuals a piece of the carbon credits that otherwise would have been kept by station owners. That means users can earn real-life rewards besides having access to revolutionary technology.

C+Charge aims to integrate its technology into millions of charging stations in cities around the globe. If its plan succeeds, it’s likely to become the most influential project in the EV charging industry, and it will come as no surprise that more and more electric vehicles will be introduced.

Ripple (XRP)

Ripple, with its native token XRP, has achieved an impressive performance throughout the years: to be in the top ten cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. This is huge in the world of crypto, given the thousands of virtual coins out there, some of them vanishing as easily as they appear. However, this is not the case for Ripple. This project has managed to stand out thanks to its inexpensive, fast transaction processing. This allows financial institutions like banks to transact across borders, a not-to-be-neglected alternative to legacy systems. Transactions performed on the Ripple blockchain take just a few seconds to process, and their costs are imperceptible – about only a cent.

At the time being, XRP can be bought at under $1, which is significantly lower than its all-time high of $3.80, but this doesn’t mean the coin hasn’t potential. On the contrary, it’s recommended to invest now in crypto before the prices surge as a result of the platform’s developments and partnerships.

Other noteworthy investment options for April 2023 include RobotEra (TARO), Monero (XMR), Stellar (XLM), and Binance Coin (BNB).

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