3 Most Visited Places in Whitlam, Molonglo Valley

Top 3 Tourist Places in Whitlam, Molonglo Valley

Whitlam is a future suburb located in the Molonglo Valley, Australian Capital Territory. The ACT government waited a year before announcing Whitlam, the Northernmost suburb in the Molonglo Valley district. The suburb is a cat contaminated area, meaning pet cats are not allowed to roam freely outside a householder’s yard. Nearby attractions include:

1. National Arboretum Canberra

Excellent eye-catching facility perched above Canberra. The pod playground is a hit and the gift shops have some interesting things. Very nice area to visit. The village centre is where you can grab some food and drinks and check out the views with the comfort of being inside. It’s definitely well worth the visit!

2. Dairy Farmers Hill Lookout

So close to Canberra yet far enough away, with excellent mountain air and plenty of open areas. It’s the ideal location for getting a sense of the region, touring, and staying in shape at the same time. Relaxing strolls along lovely trails with great views and ambience are available. The Dairy Farmers Hill Lookout is often quiet, making it ideal for resting and enjoying.

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3. Himalayan Cedar Lookout

One of the greatest spots for recharging your batteries. With BBQ facilities, it’s a lovely location to spend the day. You can take in the gorgeous scenery and witness some great wildlife. It has numerous beautiful vistas and amenities to help you stay energized. Looking for a peaceful, green setting to unwind and enjoy? The Himalayan Cedar Lookout is ideal.

See Whitlam Differently

Whitlam will be the setting for your future stories. This area is in an ideal location, surrounded by spectacular views of the Brindabella mountains and dark mountain landscapes. Everything is within walking distance! You don’t come across a site like this every day. Explore the woods, locate picnic spots, soak in the beauty, bike or walk along the paths, and much much more!

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