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Overcoming Wokeism – Independent Free Thinking Approach

The woke culture is a term that refers to a culture of social justice activism and the effects it has on society. Moreover, it is often used in politics and pop culture to describe people aware of social issues and trying to make a difference.

The woke culture includes people who speak out against injustices such as racism, sexism, homophobia, and transphobia. They also work to fight discrimination against marginalised groups like immigrants, refugees and people with disabilities.

The term “woke” is often used as slang in American English to describe someone who is politically aware or socially active. It comes from an African-American Vernacular English word meaning “to become aware” used since the 1970s.

Much as all that has been said about the woke culture is necessary to fight against it because when it gets over your head, it can have a more negative than favourable impression of society. One negative effect of the woke culture is that it can lead to hypersensitivity. Many people in this movement are susceptible to anything sensitive people perceive as offensive or discriminatory. It can cause them to react negatively to things that should not be offensive, such as jokes or comments made by people who do not mean any harm to them. This hypersensitivity can make it difficult for people to have open conversations about sensitive topics.

The woke culture portrays a lack of tolerance for opinions and beliefs that do not agree. When others have a different opinion, it is common for them to call those they differ with homophobic, sexist or racist, even when their opinions aren’t any offensive. The wok culture also has a string of negativities such that It creates an “us vs them” mentality. It can make people feel pressured to perform their identities in specific ways. It makes people hesitant to discuss what they are uncomfortable with because they do not want to be seen as not woke. People hide their thoughts because they might be labelled problematic or not as progressive as others who have made similar points.

It creates an “us vs them” mentality. It can make people feel pressured to perform their identities in specific ways.

Additionally, the woke culture can make people feel alienated if they differ in opinions. It can bring guilt or shame if someone doesn’t know enough about a particular topic or is afraid to talk about something they do not know much about due to fear of being judged by others who know more than them on that subject matter.

The woke culture can make people predisposed to believe fallacies. This mentality has been linked to social views that criticise certain acts in society that oppress minorities. Still, the culture in itself to the extreme can cause bias and bring about conflict. Here are twenty ways to combat the woke culture.

1. Have independent opinions

Realise that your opinion does not always need to be validated by others, especially not when it comes at the expense of them feeling hurt or offended. You are entitled to your own beliefs, even if they differ from theirs. By doing so, you will become more open-minded and open to coming up with moderate views.


2. Do not take things personally.


Do not take any offence if someone calls you out on your privilege, but instead, learn from it and try not to make assumptions about other people’s experiences based solely on their race and gender identity or lack of the same.

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3. Hear more from those with a different perspective than yours


The best way to combat the woke culture is by reaching out to those who think differently than you. When we find someone who disagrees, please do not put them down and call them names. Instead, start a friendly dialogue with that person to understand each other’s positions. All people want to live in a free society where everyone can pursue their happiness. This quest for happiness may not always look the same for everyone, so it is important to respect one another.


4. Be open-minded


Be open-minded about other people’s opinions, even if they differ from yours; it could lead to interesting conversations and new insights into their lives or yours. You might find yourself agreeing with someone after listening carefully.


5. Ignore the woke culture


You can easily combat the woke culture by ignoring it. Do not acknowledge it. Please do not watch the mainstream news media with biased reporting. Also, do not watch shows that celebrate the woke culture. It is merely a trend that will fade away, but it will continue to grow if you feed into it.


6. Stop trying to please everyone.


The woke culture encourages the idea that everyone needs to be catered to feel comfortable. It’s okay if not everyone likes you or agrees with you—you do not owe woke people anything! Your opinions are valid whether or not someone else approves of them, so do not worry about trying to fit in with people who think differently than you do.


7. Do not be afraid to disagree.


The Woke are afraid of conflict, so they use tools like shaming tactics and censorship to force their opponents into submission. They have a solid emotional attachment to their ideology, and as such, they have difficulty dealing with anyone who dares challenge it. Instead, be direct, honest, and assertive. If you are confident in what you believe, do not be afraid to speak up.


8. Respect other people’s opinions.


Be respectful of other people’s opinions, even if they are different from your views on life or politics or religion or whatever it may be that makes you a person with unique experiences.


9. Stay calm in the face of adversity.


Stay calm and handle everything cool whenever you are faced head-on by the woke culture or its elements. Do not get angry or feel threatened, and neither should you feel angry or hold resentment. By staying composed, you will be able to ignore woke culture views with whom you disagree. There will be conflict, and you will not have any bad feelings about the same.


10. Be friendly and willing to listen.


If someone confronts you about something you said that offended them, try your hardest not to get defensive and instead listen to what they have to speak with an open mind and heart.


11. Be open to new ideas.


Be a person who knows that others too have ideas that work and that you can benefit and learn from what they say. This way, you will be more approachable and reasonable and also be able to think freely on specific issues. You will be free from the woke culture’s adamant state. However, be watchful of ideas that promote the culture.


12. Understand people’s perspectives


There are many layers to being woke. It’s essential not only to listen but also to pay attention when interacting with people so that you can understand their perspectives better before jumping into judgments or assumptions about them based on appearance alone.


13. Look at things from other people’s views.


Be honest and reflect on what you believe in and why you think those things, perhaps more importantly. Challenge yourself to see things from someone else’s perspective, even if it temporarily requires you to put aside your worldview.


14. Beware of jokes that could trigger the woke culture.


Do not make jokes about anyone’s race or gender being inferior to yours. It includes jokes about white men being inherently bad at everything and all men being paedophiles. Tricks that you think are harmless could have an unimpressive effect on people whose woke culture has gone to their heads.


15. Ask questions instead of making assumptions.


The woke culture thrives on assumptions about people’s identities, beliefs and experiences. When you ask questions, you learn more about people and their opinions and what happens in their lives. When you ask questions, you understand the reality of the situation, and you can withstand the natural effect of the woke culture based on what happened to people because of it.


16. At times, understand woke people’s perspectives through the media they consume.


You might feel overwhelmed as you learn more about an issue like racism or sexism when there is so much information. Start with reputable sources like The New York Times or the Washington Post to read about politics and current events, Popsugar and BuzzFeed if you want something lighter. Sites like Everyday Feminism offer woke academic or theoretical content.


Meanwhile, arm yourself with the facts to combat wokeness. Here are the leading conservative voices that counter what leftists teach:



  • The Blaze, which has risen from the ashes of failed television network TheBlaze TV, is a news and commentary website and television broadcast that allows conservative cheerleaders to say what they want. Despite being owned by a media company known for placing its own opinions in multiple media forms, The Blaze does not sell editorial content.
  • The Daily Wire is founded by Ben Shapiro, a former editor-at-large of Breitbart News. The site’s objective is to defend the principles that made America great.
  • Fox News is among the most popular news channels in the United States, founded by Rupert Murdoch in 1996.
  • The Federalist is an American conservative political and media website founded by Ben Domenech, Mollie Hemingway, and Sean Davis in September 2013. The Federalist publication promotes decentralised and weaker government power.
  • The National Review is a United States-based news and opinion magazine focusing on news and commentary pieces related to politics and some arts, culture, and reviews. The National Review Online, the magazine’s online counterpart, is edited by Rich Lowry and includes articles written by a mix of conservative columnists, including Lowry himself, Fred Barnes, Jay Nordlinger and Ramesh Ponnuru.


17. Learn how to disagree with people


It is not an easy skill to acquire, but it’s essential to being a good citizen in a democracy. Disagree with their belief, but treating them with respect and dignity is critical. If you feel like you cannot do that, try practising with your friends or family. It might be easier than you think because when you know how to disagree peacefully, you can easily dissolve a conflict and know how to air your views and listen to the opinions of others without causing resentment but rather enhancing respect amongst people.


18. Do not assume others are as woke as you.


It is a little bit of an extension of the first point, but it bears repeating: Woke culture often takes the form of assuming that all of your friends, family members and colleagues agree with your point of view or have thought about things in the same way that you have thought about them. It makes it easy for people to alienate themselves from those who do not share their beliefs or opinions. If you find yourself doing this, stop and ask yourself why. Is there something missing from your argument? Something missing from their understanding of the issue? And if so, what should you do about it? How can you make sure they understand your perspective?


19. Do research on matters before airing them.


Do some research before you feel the need to comment on an issue. In today’s world, we have information at our fingertips 24/7, and no one is expected to know everything happening in the world at any given time. However, suppose you feel compelled to get involved in a conversation or situation where you are unsure what’s going on. In that case, it’s always wise to do a little research first so that you can speak from an educated place rather than just making assumptions or using opinions based on your own limited experience.


20. Do not sweat other opinions of you.


Unless they are personal attacks directed at you specifically, remember that people need to vent their frustrations at the world without meaning any particular harm by it towards one person or another.


Aside from the above, there are many ways that we can individually continue to combat the culture of outrage. One is to call out these people and not allow them to hide behind anonymity. Another is to peacefully oppose them by counter-protesting their rallies and acts of ignorance. Another is to ignore them for the immature brats they are. Do not get played by someone only interested in forcing you into silence. Avoid getting baited into a fight that you know isn’t worth your time. Learn how to fight back against the outrage effectively woke mob.

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