Your Dog Should Never Eat Pretzels – Toxic and Dangerous Food

Can Dogs Eat Pretzels?

Pretzels are always popular with the pleasure of conscience, whether they’re little, firm, salty pretzels or the bigger, more typically American, soft, savoury pretzels.

However, everything we attempt to eat and enjoy will always be in our pets’ best interests. Furthermore, our devoted dogs have a lovely way of pretending to be hungry and innocent to steal a mouthful of what we’re eating.

Are pretzels good for dogs?

In the simplest words, the answer to whether dogs can eat pretzels is a little complicated – in short, yes they can, but they shouldn’t.

What seems to be a harmless treat for human-dog owners has practically little nutritional value for the dogs, aside from a nice taste and fascinating texture.

Dogs are not human beings, especially when it comes to their digestive systems.

Because we easily welcome dogs into our homes and families, it’s all too easy to forget that dogs can’t consume, digest, or enjoy the same variety of foods that people can.

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The good news is that pretzels aren’t poisonous to dogs unless they specifically include garlic or onion — or nutmeg or chocolate icing, for the sweetest —

In general, the simpler the pretzel, the better for your dog, even if you’re merely lowering their health risks rather than providing considerable nutritional content.

The salt level contained within, and frequently coating pretzels is one of the reasons why so many people don’t suggest pups eating them in large quantities.

We think of salt as something that adds taste and appeal to specific meals, but it’s the same habit that affects so many of the items we consume from the dog’s menu throughout the globe.

Rather than processed, baked, or manufactured foods, natural meals are generally the best for your dogs to consume.

That said, you won’t hurt your dog if you toss a baked pretzel his way, as long as it doesn’t include any of the hazardous wastes or substances we specified.

If you’re searching for frequent snacks as a reward or incentive for good conduct, it’s better to skip pretzels and think of something healthy.

Regardless of how much your dog likes pretzels, using them as rewards in this manner will go too far.

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Dangers of pretzels for dogs

The tastes that are often combined with pretzels, whether those huge, fluffy pretzels or the smaller, snack bag-style pretzels you see in supermarkets, are responsible for many of the hazards associated with feeding your dog pretzels.

After all, these treats are designed to be consumed and enjoyed by humans, so there’s usually little incentive to offer one to your dog.

Furthermore, several of the substances used to make pretzels may be harmful to your dog’s health, even if they are not instantly deadly.

On the other hand, salt is the biggest deterrent to dog owners providing their dogs with pretzels on a regular basis.

Salt tolerance in dogs varies based on their size, breed, age, and whether or not the dog has already consumed a lot of salty food.

Some dogs will vomit if they eat anything salty, while others will swallow anything and seem to be unharmed – at least at first.

Fun Fact

What happens if my dog eats pretzels?

Pretzels contain a great deal of salt, which can cause thirst and sodium poisoning in small dogs as well. Of course, larger dogs will require a greater quantity of pretzels, but small dogs can get sick even after eating only one of these tasty human treats.

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