World Wildlife Day 2023

World Wildlife Day

Wildlife Day is celebrated every year on the 3rd of march. It’s the National Wildlife Federation’s (NWF) 68th session, in its resolution UN 68/205, the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) opted to designate 3 March as World Wildlife Day. Celebrate and promote awareness of the world’s wild animals and flora with this remembrance, which Thailand proposed. According to the IUCN, animals are classified as severely endangered only when the organisation believes they are on the verge of extinction, on par with extinct dinosaurs and dodo species.

Do you know? Around 2,500 black rhinos are said to be alive and well today. On the other hand, only approximately 40 Amur Leopards remain globally, and Russia’s far eastern Amur Leopards are in danger of extinction. Sadly, the list doesn’t end there. These animals are severely endangered, although we can watch them on YouTube and enjoy their antics. Nevertheless, the United Nations and its allies are preparing an awareness-raising campaign to coincide with World Wildlife Day.


The United Nations General Assembly adopted species in Peril on 3 March. It is impossible to overstate the significance of these species in all aspects of human existence, from the kitchen to the medical field. Unfortunately, endangered species were disappearing at an alarming rate, with hundreds being threatened each year. Endangered species are protected by CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) to guarantee that they are not lost to history.

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Efforts to raise potential public awareness of the plight of endangered animals took another step forward; on 20 December, the United Nations met for the 68th time. As a result, it decided that each year’s Planet Wildlife Day would focus on a different theme to raise awareness about how our world is changing and the riches we risk losing from the animal and plant kingdoms if we don’t act responsibly.

Resolution Conf. The General Assembly also noted that the 16th Conference of the Parties to CITES was held in Bangkok from 3 March to March 33. According to the General Assembly, the CITES Secretariat and other United Nations institutions should help execute World Wildlife Day.

How To Celebrate

Sharing fascinating information about animals is a great way to get people’s attention while also getting your point through. Whether it’s on the internet or at the office water cooler, people are talking about it. It’s a fantastic chance to provide information about an endangered species and possibly get others interested in conservation. No one can deny that the BBC’s pioneering television series Planet Earth is worth viewing. Now that there are two seasons accessible for internet viewing take advantage of World Wildlife Day by watching it again or introducing it to others who didn’t get to see this incredible series the first time around.

Throughout the world, citizens will gather on 3 March to decide on the significant challenges to wildlife, such as habitat change, over-exploitation, and illegal tracking. Find an event near you and go to work. The government, natural park leaders, residents, and legislators will all conduct activities to promote awareness. It’s easy to see how the extinction of a few species might throw our entire food chain out of balance. In a well-functioning ecosystem, if any link in the food chain is broken, it has a ripple effect that extends over the entire system. Elk and deer have little fear of wolves, so they tend to stay in one spot longer and eat vegetation on the ground. As a result, the plants are killed, and the cycle continues. And this is only one example of what may happen.

Although a species may die out of causes beyond our control, human action is to blame in many situations today. The good news is that if we’re to blame, we now can make things right again. Deforestation, illicit wildlife trafficking, overfishing, and other forms of overexploitation are to blame, but we can do something about it. You can message that these human actions can’t continue unchecked by commemorating World Wildlife Day. You must take care of every living creature on Earth if we are to keep it a vibrant, alive world. Overfishing may have a devastating effect on coastal communities that rely on fishing as a source of income. A shift in the local environment brought on by the extinction of a species can impact the people who live there. Sustainable development necessitates the protection of wildlife.

Fun Fact

What is the most potential endangered animal in the world?

Saola is the most endangered animal in the world.


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