World Tourism Day 2022 Theme

World Tourism Day

World Tourism Day is celebrated every year on 27 September. The UN’s specialized body, the World Tourism Organization, is responsible for organizing World Tourism Day (WTO). While strolling around a European hamlet or town, you’re likely to observe the WTO. Local economies are bolstered as part of the WTO, and sustainable tourism is ensured. Your fanny pack should still fit, so make sure your cameras and maps are ready to go. 

Every year on 27th September, on the occasion of World Tourism Day, people worldwide are reminded of the importance of easily accessible travel. Do you know? People with disabilities and low incomes are given equal access to World Tourism Day events by the World Trade Organization (WTO). Whether you’re using a cane or a wheelchair, the world is your oyster, no matter how you get around. As a result, get out there and explore!


It’s been a tradition started by the UNWTO in 1980 to commemorate World Tourism Day on 27th September every year. The United Nations World Trade Organization Statutes were established on this date in 1970. Global tourism has taken a significant step forward since these statutes’ passage. The goal of this day is to create public awareness of the significance of tourism to the global economy, culture, politics, and society. Tourism and Digital Transformation was the focus of the year’s conference.

To mark World Tourism Day each year, the UNWTO General Assembly designated a nation to host the event each year at its Twelfth Session in Istanbul in October 1997. This year’s World Tourism Day celebrations will be based in the following order: In Europe in 2006, South Asia in 2007, the Americas in 2008, Africa in 2009, and the Middle East in 2011 were the most significant years. 27th September has been designated as World Tourism Day after the passing of Nigerian native Ignatius Amaduwa Atigbi. In 2009, he was finally given due credit for his work. Blue is the official color of World Tourism Day.


Tourism has become a good source of employment worldwide, even in the most isolated regions. An estimated 7.6 million employment was generated by this field alone in the United States of America in 2015. It indicates that one in every eighteen Americans works in the travel and tourism sector. Tourism can help alleviate the effects of rising unemployment caused by inevitable variables such as the technology by bringing in new jobs.

Tourism produced $1.5 trillion in export revenues in 2015. Tourism has the potential to be a massive help to less developed towns. It is critical to creating a long-term tourist environment that benefits the entire community. Because of the World Trade Organization’s efforts, these places see effective tourism initiatives implemented. Traveling and experiencing new locations is healthy for our minds and good for our society, even if the sight of another lost tourist in your hometown makes you grumble a little. So, go to work on your next adventure!

There has been a tremendous social and economic effect on the COVID-19 epidemic. Both developed, and the crisis has impacted emerging economies. And the most disadvantaged and marginalized populations have been particularly heavily struck. The resumption of tourists will boost recovery and prosperity. However, to ensure that everyone benefits, it is imperative that the advantages are distributed evenly.


If you’ve been planning to take a vacation, take advantage of World Tourism Day. If you have friends & family members who are physically or financially unable to take a vacation, encourage them. You may aid and encourage each other by adopting the WTO’s message that tourism is open to everyone, and you can do so by working together. 

Economic stability and long-term sustainability are essential to the growth of global tourism. Learn about the best methods to visit a new nation, city, or hamlet in a way that will benefit the people you meet there. Use World Tourism Day as an excuse to book that vacation you’ve been meaning to take finally.

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What is the World Tourism Day 2022 Theme?

The World Tourism Day 2022 Theme is “Rural & Community Centric Tourism”

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