World Suicide Prevention Day 2022 Theme

World Suicide Prevention Day 

World Suicide Prevention Day is celebrated every year on 10th September. Since 2003 the day has been celebrated on 10th September every year to promote international commitment and action to prevent suicides through various events throughout the world. The day is organized by IASP in collaboration with the WHO and the World Federation for Mental Health (WFMH). 

Theme: “to increase awareness about suicidal behaviours and how to effectively prevent them”.

To celebrate the anniversary an estimated 40 nations organized awareness events in 2011. However, according to the WHO’s Mental Health Atlas, no low-income country has a national suicide prevention plan, while fewer than 10% of lower-middle-income nations and about a third of upper-middle- and high-income countries have.


Mental health concerns and underlying difficulties may go undiagnosed because of our hectic schedules and lack of time to think. Do you know? every 40 seconds, someone commits suicide somewhere in the globe. Suicide kills an estimated 800,000 individuals each year. The vast majority of them occur in either undeveloped or developing nations. Because suicide may be prevented, these results are shocking. The most common cause of suicide is an untreated mental disease that goes undiagnosed.

The World Health Organization is co-sponsoring the event. The goal of the day is to study and gather data on suicidal behavior, understand the numerous reasons why its warning signals go missed, and establish effective suicide prevention methods and policies.

On the first World Suicide Prevention Day in 2003, the WHO’s worldwide suicide prevention campaign, which began in 1999, was acknowledged, with the following as its fundamental aims. Organization of multi-sectoral actions at the global, regional, and national levels to raise awareness about suicide behaviors and how to prevent them successfully. Strengthening countries’ ability to establish and assess national suicide prevention policies and strategies.

On World Suicide Prevention Day, there are various conferences, seminars, and discussion forums. You can develop new policies for suicide prevention; the media will be used to promote awareness. Memorial ceremonies are held to remember those who have died due to mental illness; educating adolescents on suicide and who to contact if needed will be held. Support groups and special facility centers will be established as resources for depression, and authorities will establish suicide awareness and treatment.

How to Celebrate 

Reach out to someone who may require assistance. It’s common knowledge that some habits indicate a risk of suicide. Suicidal thoughts have warning indicators that we may all learn to recognize. Talking about this topic is crucial in eradicating the notion that mental health concerns should be kept concealed from society. Host or join a panel discussion on how mental health issues exacerbate suicidal thoughts on World Suicide Prevention Day. People may learn more about the causes of suicide and how to avoid it by visiting the World Suicide Prevention Day website. In addition, you may discover a plethora of books, videos, and events to guide you correctly on the internet. Knowledge is not just powerful; it has the potential to save a person’s life.

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Fun Fact

When was the first World Suicide Prevention Day celebrated?

The first event to recognize World Suicide Prevention Day was celebrated in 2003 by WHO.

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