World Radio Day 2022 Theme

World Radio Day 

World Radio Day is celebrated on 13 February every year. Radio is a powerful medium for honouring humankind in its diversity and providing a forum for democratic debate. Radio is still the most frequently used entertainment medium on the planet. The radio may impact a society’s diversity experience by serving as an arena for all voices to speak up, be represented, and be heard because of its unique capacity to reach out to the biggest possible audience. 

According to various worldwide reports, radio continues to be one of the most trusted and
used media in the world. As a result, the theme of World Radio Day 2022 is Radio and Trust.

Radio stations should cater to a wide range of communities by providing a diverse range of programs, perspectives, and information and reflecting the diversity of their viewers in their operations and organizations. According to several worldwide assessments, radio is one of the most trusted and widely utilized mediums globally. As a result, the theme for World Radio Day 2022 is “Radio and Trust.”


Many people and artists have contributed to the development of radio waves and frequencies throughout history, but Italian inventor Guglielmo Marconi demonstrated the possibility of radio communication. In 1895, he received a message from Italy via the world’s first radio broadcast. Do you know? The first radio station was established in the United States was founded in Pittsburgh in 1919, and FM radio was introduced in 1939. In 1994 radio streaming became available on the internet; thus, radio broadcasting became digital. It was complemented by the launch of the first 24-hour internet-only radio station.

The 36th session of UNESCO’s General Conference declared February 13 as World Radio Day in 2011. The director-general of UNESCO picked this date since it was the anniversary of creating the United Nations worldwide broadcasting service on February 13, 1946. Today, radio is the only broadcast media that offers entertainment, local news, sports updates, conversations, and fantastic music. Moreover, it is an efficient method to sell without employing expensive material or videography. So today, tune in to your favourite radio station and have fun!


Radio has been around for longer than any other kind of broadcasting. That implies it is more widely available than most other technologies. Experts in the field come together every year on World Radio Day to figure out how to reach out to remote communities. World Radio Day ensures that everyone has access to information, no matter how far away.

You can obtain news, information, and entertainment in various ways. You’ll almost certainly have to pay for it if you acquire it through cable television or the internet. It is not the case with radio. Radio is available for free in your car, a café, and even elevators. This coverage will continue with the highest quality content available on World Radio Day.

Hundreds of events are held every year all across the world. There are several annual themes, but they always have something to do with societal awareness. For example, the Theme for Radio Day 2015 was “Radio in Times of Emergency &Disaster.” ‘Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment in Radio’ was the subject for 2014. Folks, we haven’t been forgotten. We’re still crucial to the radio.

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What was the Theme For World Day 2020?

The Theme For World Day 2020 Was “Radio & Diversity.”

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