World Kindness Day 2022 Theme and How to be Kind

World Kindness Day

World Kindness Day is celebrated on 13 November every year. As part of a collaboration of nations’ kindness non-profits, the World Kindness Movement launched the programme in 1998. Do you know? The day was first recognised in Singapore in 2009. Italy and India were among the countries that marked the day of silence. David Jamilly, the co-founder of Kindness Day UK with Louise Burfitt-Dons in the United Kingdom, is the face of the campaign.

To encourage compassion worldwide, the World Kindness Movement created World Kindness Day in 1998, taking place on 13 November each year. Many nations, including the United States, Canada, Japan, Australia, and the United Arab Emirates, observe it. Kindness Day gives us a chance to focus on one of the most fundamental concepts of humanity. Encourage and disseminate this vital characteristic that brings people of all kinds together on a day dedicated to celebrating the good possibilities of large and small acts of kindness.

The potential purpose of World Kindness Day is to showcase the positive force and the common thread of kindness for good that links us. Kindness is a universal human trait that transcends racial, religious, political, gender, and geographic boundaries. Cards can be given or received to recognise acts of kindness, and you can also use them to beg for acts of kindness to be performed. International efforts are being made to get World Kindness Day acknowledged. Its members unanimously sign a Declaration of Support for World Kindness by the World Kindness Movement, the worldwide apex body.


Initially launched by the World Kindness Movement, World Kindness Day has grown popular. In 2019, the organisation became a recognised NGO under Swiss legislation, but the group’s history goes back to a 1997 conference in Tokyo. This conference brought together a diverse group of organisations and groups from across the world dedicated to spreading kindness in society. These organisations and associations come from all over the world. After this gathering, the World Kindness Movement would be formed, with the written statement of their founding proclaiming their “commitment to cooperate in building a kind and compassionate world.” They helped create the first World Kindness Day in 1998.

To promote suitable activities in the community, focusing on the positive force and the common thread of kindness that links us is what the World Kindness Movement hopes to accomplish with World Kindness Day. Events related to the day have drawn participation from every inhabited continent since first observed more than two decades ago. Some examples include “kindness cards” handed out during concerts and “dancing mobs.” The World Kindness Movement still hopes to get the day recognised by the United Nations, although it is currently an unauthorised celebration. For World Kindness Day to be added to the list of official commemorations, such as International Days for Human Rights or International Peace Days, it must be successful in the group’s endeavours.


World Kindness Day’s goal is to encourage goodwill among people via tiny acts of kindness. Be compassionate and urge others to do the same on this day, a significant part of the celebration. We all have it in us to show kindness to others around us, whether by helping them with their tasks, taking the time to inquire about their day, or offering them praise. World Kindness Day aims to showcase acts of kindness in the community, highlighting the positive force and common thread of potential kindness that unites us all, as described by the World Kindness Movement.

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The World Kindness Movement was the catalyst for the inception of World Kindness Day. Their ambition and goal were to create a day to promote awareness of the value of kindness as a unifying force amongst people throughout the world. In many cases, individuals are so preoccupied with their own lives that they overlook the needs of others. Doing good deeds for others isn’t just beneficial to them; it may also benefit you! People are more likely to appreciate things to their fullest on other days of celebration. It’s an excellent opportunity to develop new and creative ways to show kindness to others on World Kindness Day. It’s essential to recognise the importance of kindness and its many advantages. A reminder that we are not alone in our lives and that goodness is not absent from the world around us.

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Fun Fact

What is World Kidney Day called in Israel?

World Kindness Day is also called “Good Deeds Day” and is celebrated on 16 March every year.

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