World Humanitarian Day 2022 Theme

World Humanitarian Day 

World Humanitarian Day is celebrated on 19th August every year. World Humanitarian Day is a worldwide commemoration of humanitarian workers and those who have died while working for humanitarian causes. The United Nations General Assembly named it part of a Swedish-sponsored GA Resolution A/63/L.49 on the Strengthening of the United Nations’ Coordination of Emergency Assistance. 

It is the anniversary of the bombing of the UN Headquarters in Baghdad, which killed Sérgio Vieira de Mello, the then Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Iraq, and 21 of his colleagues. Humanitarian relief professionals help individuals in need worldwide save their lives. Those who labor in conflict zones or places ravaged by natural catastrophes are particularly exposed. Anyone can be a humanitarian, so keep reading to discover more about the day and how you can get involved.


The Sérgio Vieira de Mello Foundation worked tirelessly with the Ambassadors of France, Switzerland, Japan, and Brazil to the table and drive the draught Resolution through the General Assembly, resulting in the declaration of 19th August as World Humanitarian Day. The Foundation expressed its heartfelt gratitude to the United Nations General Assembly and all Member States for the honorable gesture. Furthermore, the Foundation ensured that the tragic loss of Vieira de Mello and his 21 coworkers and all potential humanitarian personnel who have made the ultimate sacrifice in alleviating the suffering of victims of humanitarian crises was not in vain.

Do you know? Sérgio Vieira de Mello, a Brazilian native, spent over thirty years working for the United Nations. He spent time serving in some of the world’s most difficult humanitarian circumstances to reach the potential voiceless victims of armed conflict, alleviate their suffering, and bring attention to their predicament. On 19th August 2003, he died in Baghdad with 21 other colleagues, depriving victims of armed conflict throughout the globe of a singular humanitarian leader of outstanding courage, determination, and empathy who championed their cause courageously and carved their agony on the world map. The sad occurrence also took away an extraordinary humanitarian leader and thinker, whose ideology, dynamism, and courage inspired everyone and left a lasting legacy for future generations to imitate.

The Vieira de Mello family and friends established the Sergio Vieira de Mello Foundation to carry on his unfinished objective of fostering community discussion and alleviating the suffering of victims of humanitarian disasters. A potential Awar Sergio Vieira Mello, an Annual Sergio Vieira Mello Memorial Lecture, and a Sergio Vieira de Mello Fellowship, the Foundation is dedicated to supporting initiatives and efforts to promote dialogue for peaceful reconciliation and coexistence between peoples and communities divided by conflict. 

Correspondingly advocating for humanitarian actors’ potential security and independence, wherever they may be operating and for whomever, they may be serving. The World Humanitarian Day is a fitting tribute to all humanitarian personnel who have made the potential ultimate sacrifices to make the world a better place for all victims of humanitarian crises. And correspondingly encouragement to all their serving colleagues to strive for even greater heights in achieving that noble goal.


Humanitarian groups all across the world are in desperate need of funds. It would be fantastic if you could volunteer your time to one of these charities. However, if you cannot do so, a monetary gift will go a long way toward complementing employees’ resources to assist communities in need. Look for humanitarian groups online, or go straight to the United Nations’ World Humanitarian Day website for information to get you started.

Being a humanitarian does not need going to a combat zone; humanitarian aid aims to relieve suffering and preserve human dignity. There may be various opportunities for you to do so close to home—volunteer at a homeless shelter, nursing home, hospital, or an organization that helps impoverished youngsters. Let your elected officials know how critical humanitarian crises are to you by calling, emailing, or tweeting. Request that they commit to various measures to support humanitarian issues in regions that are important to you.

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Fun Fact

What was the 2021 World Humanitarian Day Theme?

The theme was “The Human Race.”

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