World Day To Combat Desertification and Drought 2022

World Day To Combat Desertification 

The World Day To Combat Desertification is celebrated on 17th June every year. Its goal is to create public knowledge of the effects of desertification and drought and ways to combat those effects when they do occur. Each year’s global celebration has a new emphasis not previously created. Following the signing of the United Nations Convention on Combating Desertification (UNCCD) on 30th January 1995, United Nations General Assembly resolution A/RES/49/115 designated 30th January as “UNCCD Day.” 

Restoration and maintenance of soil fertility and drought mitigation are top priorities for the 196 signatories to the treaty. Residents are encouraged to participate in anti-desertification and anti-land degradation programs, such as planting trees. To them, land degradation neutrality is an attainable goal that can be achieved with the broad participation of the local community and coordinated efforts at all levels. 

The UNCCD Secretariat, the countries that have signed on to the convention, and the convention’s stakeholders are working to educate the people on managing the land without inflicting environmental damage. The participating organizations commemorate the occasion by sponsoring outreach programs and activities to raise awareness.


Arid, semi-arid, and dry subhumid regions are experiencing desertification or degrading their land. Human activity and climate change are the primary culprits. However, the process of desertification is not widening existing deserts. One-third of the world’s land is covered by dryland ecosystems, subject to overexploitation and inadequate land management. Deforestation and overgrazing are only some of the factors that might hurt a farm’s capacity to produce food.

International efforts to battle desertification are highlighted each year on the World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought. As demonstrated on the day, land degradation neutrality may be achieved by problem-solving, robust community engagement, and cooperation at all levels.

The situation requires even greater focus at this point. Natural areas deteriorate and change when the land itself declines and ceases to be productive. As a result, greenhouse gas emissions rise, and biodiversity is harmed. In addition, COVID-19 and extreme weather occurrences like droughts, floods, and sand and sand storms will be more likely to spread if there are fewer natural areas to protect us. Since land is a rare and vital resource, the UNCCD urges everyone to treat it, prioritizing its health in the pandemic recovery process and attempting to restore it throughout the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration. Because everyone has a stake in the future, everyone has a role to play.

United Nation Convection to Combat Desertification (UNCCD)

United Nation Convection to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) is the first legally enforceable international agreement that connects environmental and development goals with long-term land use planning, established in 1994. Some of the world’s most vulnerable ecosystems and peoples may be found in the drylands, including arid, semi-arid, and dry sub-humid regions. Do you know? This day will improve more than 1.3 billion people’s lives due to the UNCCD 2018-2030 Strategic Framework, the most comprehensive global commitment to achieve Land Degradation Neutrality (LDN) and restore the productivity of enormous stretches of degraded land. 

On Desertification and Drought Day, participants will be challenged to show that green recovery investments in healthy land are good economic decisions that not only create jobs and rebuild livelihoods. It will also protect economies from future crises brought on by climate change and the loss of natural resources while also speeding up progress on all 17 Sustainable Development Goals. UNCCD aims to mobilize efforts to save and restore natural ecosystems in the wake of COVID-19’s devastation.

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What is the World Day To Combat Desertification 2022 Theme?

The Theme of World Day To Combat Desertification is “Healthy Land=Health People.”

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