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World Blood Donor Day 

World Blood Donor Day is celebrated every year on 14th June. As a collaborative effort of the World Health Organization and the International Federation of the International Red Cross, the event was first held in 2005 to increase awareness about safe blood and blood products and honor blood donors for their voluntary, life-saving gifts of blood. Blood and blood products are crucial to patient treatment and public health, and their safe transfusion is essential. Patients’ health and well-being are improved every day because of their efforts. There is a universal need for blood, yet there is a lack of availability of blood for individuals in need. 

Give the gift of life: donate blood”, this year’s campaign, which marks the 10th anniversary of World Blood Donation Day, will emphasize the value of donating blood to patients, not only to save lives but also to help people live longer.

In impoverished nations, the scarcity of blood is particularly acute. All countries require regular blood donations from uncompensated volunteers to ensure that everyone in need has access to safe blood. Despite their reduced mobility and other difficulties, blood donors worldwide have continued to donate blood and plasma to patients in need throughout the COVID-19 epidemic. This fantastic effort demonstrated by well-organized, devoted volunteer, non-remunerated blood donors play a critical role in providing a safe and sufficient blood supply in average and emergencies.


There is a long history of blood donation, dating back to the first days of transfusions, which were carried out based on a developing body of knowledge and primitive research. However, it was Richard Lower who was the first to investigate the scientific merits of animal blood donation. There were no noticeable side effects from successfully transferring blood from one dog to another.

From that point on, blood-related research gradually evolved, breaking through barriers and moving away from animal experiments. Do you know? Advances in transfusion technology and Karl Landsteiner’s discovery of the ABO blood type system made it easier to find compatible donors.

Globe Health Day in 2020, which focused on blood donation and the safety of transfusions, was followed by a unanimous proclamation by health ministers from all around the world in May 2005 to declare World Blood Donor Day is an annual event held on 14th June, Landsteiner’s birthday.

World Blood Donor Day’s goal is to raise public awareness about the importance of regular blood donations. It also aims to maintain a steady supply in the healthcare industry and honor the dedication of medical professionals who conduct research and development to discover new technologies and applications for donated blood. Also, on this day, we appreciate our kind contributors for their dedication to saving lives and improving the world.


World Blood Donor Day serves as a crucial educational opportunity. This program, which involves countries worldwide, aims to raise awareness about the significance of safe blood donation and the benefits of healthy persons donating blood. Schools, institutions, and businesses hold blood drives. As a result of this information, blood donors feel confident that their donation will be safe and that it will assist save someone’s life or aid in medical research. In addition, non-profit organizations and their associated services produce materials such as posters, banners, and flyers to disseminate and educate the public about blood donation. All people who donate blood regularly are also recognized on this special day.

You need to spend an hour of your day doing so if you’re eligible to give blood. First, you’ll be given a mini-physical to ensure that you’re healthy enough to donate blood when you arrive at the donation center and check-in. After that, donating blood only takes approximately 10 minutes, and one pint of blood is typically collected from each donor. Then they’ll provide you with some refreshments so that you may resume your usual routine.

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Fun Fact

What is the shelf life of donated blood?

Approximately 24 days is the shelf life of donated blood.

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