What Exercises Can I do While Sitting at My Work Desk?

Easy Exercises to Do at Your Work Desk

Here are some exercises you can do at work, they range from minimal impact to your workday right through to opens that will probably get you fired. Please use your common sense when applying any of these exercises. To be clear we do not endorse these or vouch for their safety and you would in the most part be crazy to try them. However, they are here


1. Calf Raise

  • Stand beside your work desk and hold your work desk for support
  • Now rise up on your toes and keep your body completely straight.
  • Hold this pose for 10 seconds and return back to the starting position
  • You might want to ensure that you hold the desk at all times so that you do not take a public fall!

2. Desk Pushups

  • Put your hands on the desk facing the desk
  • Now, push your body down towards the desk such that your chest is close to touching the desk
  • Hold this position
  • Return to the starting position and repeat the exercise 10 times
  • Make sure that the desk does not move elsewise you will cause an injury to yourself

3. Triceps Dips

  • Stand between your chair and work desk.
  • Now put your palms on the chair and your legs bent and tucked in below the table
  • Now raise your body with the help of your hands
  • Repeat this exercise 10 times
  • Make sure that the cheers do not have wheels!

4. Arm Circles

  • Stand upright near your work desk
  • Put your arms out parallel to the ground and beside your body
  • Now from this position rotate your hands in a small circle
  • Continue to do the exercise for 5 minutes
  • You might want to stay away from people while your do this exercise!

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1. Chair Squats

  • This is similar to a squat but just done in your office and near your work desk
  • Here you stand with your feet shoulder-distance apart
  • Now, bend your body down
  • Go as far as the point where your thighs are touching the chair
  • Repeat this exercise 10 times
  • Make sure to not wear really tight pants otherwise you may spend your day in torn pants.

2. Standing Rear Pulses

  • Stand upright near your work desk
  • Now raise your one leg and bend it
  • Hold the table with your hands for support and keep your other leg’s heel grounded at all times
  • Now, raise the heel of the grounded leg and maintain the balance
  • Alternate this with other leg and repeat the exercise 20 times with each leg

3. Oblique Twists

  • This is a very simple and yet effective exercise
  • For this you may need which can rotate from side to side at the very least
  • Sit on your chair
  • Put your hands on the desk in front of you
  • Now use your oblique to rotate the chair from one side to the other side
  • Repeat the exercise 20 times
  • Make sure to not have a headache through it. So do the exercise slowly.

4. Chair Dip

  • Sit on your chair
  • From this position push your legs outwards under the desk
  • Put your hands on the armrest of the chair
  • Raise your body using the hands
  • Hold this pose

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Now these exercises might get your fired. So make sure to be careful about them.

1. Lifting The Work Table

  • Now, this is not your normal exercise.
  • Here, in order to improve your shoulders, you can hold the desk with one hand and then raise it a little off the ground.
  • Now, alternate this with the other hand.
  • Make sure to not let the desk leave the contact of the surface completely.
  • This exercise will help you build your forearms and core strength.

2. Desk Jump

  • This is another exercise which you have to do carefully
  • This exercise is good for your core strength and leg muscles
  • Stand upright and then from this position push yourself in the air so that you reach the desk
  • Hold this position
  • Make sure to jump in the air high enough so that you don’t fall
  • After reaching the desk, make sure to keep your balance else wise you will fall which may cause chaos in the office!
  • The starting and final position both have to be like the squat positions.

3. Pushups on Desk

  • Now, this is a different kind of pushup!
  • For many people, there are fantasies, (like sex on the beach!!). For a fitness junkie pushups on the desk is similar!
  • So, here you have to jump on the desk and then do pushups.
  • Make sure to do 10 pushups and then get down from the table.
  • Here you can do variety of pushups like one handed pushup or diamond pushup depending on your level and choice.  

4. Desk Burpee

  • This is not a normal Burpee.
  • Here we start from the squat position and then jump in the air like a normal burpee
  • But when we jump we don’t jump at the same place, rather we jump in the air to reach the desk like for desk jump exercise
  • After reaching that position hold the pose
  • Now you come down from the table to the floor
  • When you jump back, make sure to reach the squat position again
  • Now, bend down and do a complete pushup

Repeat the exercise at least 5 times


These exercises will definitely come in handy when you are sticked as glue to your work desks. Try to exercise whenever you could find time.

Work Desk Exercises

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