Will Nexit Follow Brexit?

Will Nexit Follow Brexit?

After the UK citizens voted to leave the European Union, analysts speculate that the Netherlands could be motivated for Nexit. There is a high possibility that the issue will be central in next year’s general elections. Politicians may develop policies revolving around Nexit.

The Netherlands held a referendum in April where the voters rejected the European Union’s treaty with Ukraine. The campaigners at that time said that they wanted to force a vote challenging the country’s relation with the 27-country block.

But the legislation that allowed for the referendum is binding. It can only be used for voting on treaties and new legislations. In addition, only advisory referendums can be conducted under the legislation.

Could The Netherlands Nexit follow Brexit?

While celebrating Brexit, Nigel Farage suggested that the Netherlands stood higher chances of quitting the “dying” EU.

The Netherlands requires a constitutional change in order to hold a referendum. Therefore, the process demands political will and support from parliament. Considering that general election are just at the doorstep, some politicians may use the issue to catapult their ambitions.

Opinion polls hint that most Dutch need a referendum. Similarly, those opposed to the referendum are equally many. This makes it a challenging matter, where the country is in a lock on the direction to take.

Poll Results on Referendum Proposals -NEXIT

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So far, the Netherlands has done two polls. Ipsos Foundation conducted the first one. They found out that a narrow majority of the Dutch do not want the Netherlands to hold a referendum on EU membership. But 64% would vote against leaving the EU.

TNS held the most recent referendum in which 4 out of 10 participants want a Nexit referendum. The Dutch have about eight months to election and much may change. As the saying goes, more than one month in politics is a century.

Dutch anti-migrant party urges for Nexit

Greet Wilders, leader of the anti-migrant PVV party, supports the idea of the Netherlands holding its own Nexit referendum. Mr.Wilder’s party is Eurosceptical and is on the lead according to the opinion polls.

After the EU Leave vote, he congratulated the British people and added that they too can do it. He said that they want to control their own budget, national borders and immigration policies.

Further, Wilders said that other countries may follow suit. They are likely to conduct publicity of their own.

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