Why People Love Hiking: Benefits from Nature Adventures

Nature trips should be mandatory. There’s so much to learn and enjoy in the great outdoors that it is unclear why so few people are practicing it. Hiking is one of the simplest yet so valuable physical activities in nature, practiced by millions of people globally.

Many have never been in nature and are unaware of what hiking is. Hiking is a long, vigorous walk through nature, usually outside of big cities. Hikers walk through already-made trails by previous people and spend time in forests, fields, mountains, and hills.

If you’re one of the people who want to learn why some love hiking sessions and why they are practicing this often, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’re sharing a few points on why people love hiking. Keep reading and learn more about this beautiful outdoor activity.

1. Going to places you’ve never been before

Nature is amazing. Every time you go outside and into the great outdoors, there’s something to enjoy and something you didn’t see before. There’s always something new to see. Whether it is a spectacular view of the city below the mountains, a creek you’ve missed previously, or a fabulous sunset.

People love exploring. We’re curious by nature, and going to uncharted areas, exploring new lands, and seeing things for the first time means joy and excitement. Some people are more into exploration, while others love the comfort of their homes, but both need some adventure from time to time.

2. Hiking keeps you physically fit

One of the flagship features of hiking is, of course – being physically fit. Many will regularly go hiking at least once weekly just to stay fit. They have the right equipment for it and enjoy their trips as a form of exercise. They have hiking poles, top-notch Fjällräven hiking pants, and durable hiking shoes to take them through all sorts of terrain.

One hour of hiking outdoors burns between 300 and 600 calories, depending on the person’s size. That means hiking every day will easily make you perfectly fit in a month. You don’t have to lift heavy weights, run high speeds, or do anything complex. Just hike through nature and enjoy.

3. Nurtures your mental health

The stressful life we all live means we should find ways of relaxation constantly. What gives you a better chance to nurture your mental health than having a peaceful walk through nature? The silence is stunning. You can only hear the sounds of the birds and wind through the trees and bushes.

This makes you calm and relaxed. When you return to civilization exhausted from the walk and filled with positive energy from beautiful nature, you’re left with a feeling of fulfillment and meaning. That’s what you’re missing in your everyday life, so you should do this regularly.

4. Lets you breathe fresh air

Another thing in nature that you can’t have in the city is breathing fresh air. Aside from noise and light pollution, the more significant air pollution takes thousands of lives every year. If you spend a few hours per week in the mountains, you’ll breathe fresh air and keep your lungs healthy.

Breathing oxygen-rich air improves your cardiovascular system and helps your entire body stay healthy. Spending a week in the mountains where the air is pure will improve your lung capacity and blood quality for the next few months. That’s why often hiking in nature is great for your health.  

5. Makes you bond with nature

Just standing in the middle of the forest surrounded by nothing else but trees will make you feel calm and peaceful. The chance to be part of nature is a fantastic feeling. Everyone should get some of this feeling from time to time.

Exploring different plant species and seeing the stunning colors of trees, leaves, and flowers are a joy to our senses. Listening to birds chirping and seeing the sunset while enjoying a fresh sip of water is relaxing and enjoyable.

6. It is a chance for meaningful talks with friends

You will rarely see people go hiking by themselves. It’s an unwritten rule that you shouldn’t go alone in nature. There’s always a chance for something unwanted to happen. Most hikers will have company on their trips through the wilderness.

This is an excellent chance for meaningful talks and valuable conversations. Many people fall in love with each other on these walks, as there’s no better way to get to know someone than listening to their thoughts. Talking is also great for nurturing your mental health, so invite your closest friends and go for a hike.


These are some of the most notable reasons why people love hiking. Choose a destination, invite some friends, and go for a walk. It will improve your life significantly and help you live a great life.

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