Why Is Mitchell Services Limited ASX: MSV Share Price Falling Today

Mitchell Services Limited ASX: MSV Near 20 Percent Share Price Drop

Mitchell Services Limited (ASX: MSV) share price appeaWhy Is Mitchell Services Limited ASX: MSV Share Price Falling Todayrs to be in near free-fall today after an announcement on the ASX released 12 February 2021 at 10:57am.

The Quarterly investor Update https://www.fool.com.au/tickers/asx-msv/announcements/2021-02-12/2a1280083/quarterly-investor-update/ the key point behind the fall in value could be the loss reported of 1.2 million per month after some difficulties with a client thus terminating the contract.

Also they have $8.5 Million outstanding receivables.

Mitchell Services Limited ASX: MSV

At time of publication the company on the back of the news it down 19.30%.


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