Why Choose Node.js for Server Application Development

Node.js is based on asynchrony. In addition to non-blocking I/O, this allows a Node.js server application to serve many more client requests per unit of time than a similar application developed with most other server development technologies.

What does this mean for business?


  • You can launch your project with relatively little server infrastructure overhead.
  • This enables you to expand your firm without spending a lot of money if you choose the appropriate architecture.


What does this mean for developers?

  • A thorough grasp of asynchronous development methodologies considerably boosts a specialist’s market worth and, as a result, permits you to demand a higher salary.

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Node allows you to quickly develop an MVP. Node has already created a significant number of packages with various features. You can not waste time on developing basic functionality, but immediately concentrate on business logic.


What does this mean for business?

  • The new product will be available sooner (TTM will decrease).
  • Because the initial version of the product will require less developer hours, less money will be spent on the development process.
  • The hypotheses formed during the initial market research will be tested faster, adjustments to the product will be made faster, and funds will eventually turn around faster. For project investors, this is a critical attribute.


What does this mean for developers?

  • Instead of reinventing “bicycles” on every project, which inevitably causes a lot of mistakes and makes the work boring, you can focus on the tasks that are important for the project.
  • Greater freedom in choosing an approach, building an architecture, finalizing standard functionality that does not meet the requirements of an architect and / or customer.


Node.js is fairly similar to JavaScript in terms of syntax and architecture; the main difference is in the “bindings” (browser and server).


What does this mean for business?

  • The development team will include professionals with a wider perspective on the issue, reducing the pressure on management.
  • The development process will be more efficient as it is always easier and faster for a person (a full-stack developer) to agree with himself than with another person. Thus, communication costs between specialists are reduced.
  • During the development process, fewer errors will occur, because at the junction of different development technologies with different types of data, floating bugs often occur.


What does this mean for developers?

  • If before that you had to work closely with the frontend, then there is a good understanding of the processes that occur with the data in the user part of the resource, and, as a result, a simpler dialogue with frontenders.
  • A good full-stack developer is often more valued in the market than a good back-end or front-end developer


Naturally, Node, like any other technology, has flaws.


What are the weaknesses of Node?

  1. Node is very fast with a large number of lightweight requests (those that do not require long data processing, complex calculations, etc.), but its performance drops significantly if the requests require large server resources.
  2. The language and its execution engine are developing very actively and sometimes it happens that individual packages are incompatible with each other or with the current version of the platform, which can lead to a complete failure of the project when updating the “engine” or a separate package.


However, these shortcomings can be avoided with proper and skillful design.


Where is it convenient to use Node?

The technology is great for most projects implemented in the modern world of web development. The founders of almost any project at the start dream of their product being used by as many people as possible. Project examples:

  • online stores;
  • video and audio hosting;
  • messengers;
  • social media;
  • any b2c products.


For all these areas, Node allows you to implement, as mentioned above, a quick start, and then fast, relatively inexpensive horizontal scaling.

Node projects

In the year prior to this writing, we used technology to develop from scratch resources such as:


  • freelance exchange;
  • spare parts marketplace;
  • realtime auction (API for mobile application and web version);
  • interactive system for developing social media content; interactive system for creating social media materials;
  • e-mail distribution system;
  • assistant inspector of trade enterprises (API for mobile application);
  • patient assistant (API for mobile application).

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