Why are Ukulele Sales Booming in Australia?

The Reason Behind High Sales Of Ukulele in Australia

For most businesses throughout Australia, the current ongoing pandemic has had a devastating effect. The economy is suffering, many people are out of work, and in most areas, people have been forced to stay indoors to help reduce the spread of the virus. But some companies have seen sales increasing since March 2020, and one of those businesses is the Ukulele business.

It might sound strange, but one Ukulele online store claims its sales have risen over 700% since March 17th. This one-man company in Swan Hill, Victoria sold over 1.4 million AUD in 2020 and is on track to hitting higher sales this year. The company also gives a free 30 minute lesson for each of their new customers. 

So, what is Australia’s fascination with the Ukulele and why are so many people spending their hard-earned money buying them? 

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Parent are Buying Them For Their Children

It seems nowadays there are countless amounts of screens in each household. With tablets, computers, smartphones, televisions, and other devices, it seems there is no escaping them. Parents worry about their children spending too much time staring at them, so purchasing a musical instrument like a ukulele is a great alternative.

Instead of wasting all this free time on our hands during the pandemic, parents feel that having their children learning a new skill will benefit them. Trying to entertain children while stuck indoors is not easy, so having a musical instrument to practice will help pass the time. 

Learning a new instrument takes discipline and dedication, which are valuable lessons for children to learn. Most ukulele players who have mastered the instrument have worked hard and spent many hours learning how to play. Children have to stay focused and concentrate so they can remember chords and strumming techniques. 

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Fun to Learn

If you have tried and failed to learn a musical instrument in the past, you might have found it frustrating and given up quickly. In comparison to most other instruments, the ukulele is easier to learn. 

You don’t need to be the most gifted musically minded person to be able to learn how to play the ukulele. Most people avoid learning a musical instrument because the early stages of practicing are very difficult. However, the ukulele is actually great fun to learn. 

Due to the pandemic, private lessons in person might not be possible. However, there is a wide range of teachers online willing to teach you over Skype, Zoom, or other platforms that allow people to communicate through video and sound. 

There is a wide range of videos on YouTube and other streaming sites that can help you learn. This method of learning allows you to learn at your own pace. 

Playing the Ukulele Helps Reduce Stress

For many reasons, the ongoing pandemic can cause a lot of stress. With lots of contact sports being forced to cancel, gyms closed down, swimming pools shut, it has been hard for many of us to reduce our stress levels. 

Although when you start learning how to play your stress levels might increase, after you start getting the hang of it, you will notice positive health benefits. Researchers claim that playing the Ukulele  you feel calm. Mental health issues have been a major issue during the pandemic, so many people have turned to musical instruments to help them deal with their problems. 

Here are another few health benefits when playing the Ukulele:

  • Lowers your heart rate
  • Lowers your blood pressure
  • Can help reduce headaches
  • Can help improve a sore stomach

Even just playing for a few minutes can help lower your stress levels. Those suffering from constant stress, struggle both mentally and physically. 

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Great Way to Improve Your Social Skills

Although learning how to play the ukulele in a class with others might not be possible due to the pandemic, there are lots of online groups with people who love playing the instrument. These forums, websites, social networking groups are a great way to make new friends. 

A fantastic way to help you get better at the ukulele is by playing with others. Even if you are at different levels, it’s a great way to improve your skills and allows you to learn from others. Playing with others can help boost your confidence and encourage you to stay focused. Receiving positive feedback from other ukulele players can help. 

There is a whole community of people who are passionate about playing and learning the ukulele. 


Many people in the music industry felt the ukulele was going to die out, however, they have been proven very wrong. Currently, one of Australia’s biggest selling artists, Vance Joy often plays the ukulele during his songs which have helped its popularity.

If you are thinking about learning a musical instrument, why not give the beautiful sounding ukulele a go!

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