Why are Startup Founders Skeptical about the Future of Cryptocurrencies?

In this Bitcoin Era, the revolution stepped up for the Digital Currency System. The associated technologies that help develop these systems are also growing daily. In this generation of Millennials and Gen-Z, cryptocurrency has achieved a great deal of recognition. Many ideas are cooking here and there to develop business organizations that will eventually profit from the overall system, even trading with the comfort of your own phone. But there are always loopholes present in a system, and adequate research is needed to know about those more. Crypto works on a decentralized network, but that does not guarantee that the system will not face the market’s vulnerabilities.


What is Blockchain?

First, we need to rewind to the beginning of the times, and that is to discuss Blockchain technologies. The Blockchain is a network system built by unifying several nodes or blocks. Different networks are established to continue business transactions or exchanges of assets on a peer-to-peer basis. The system is famous for its unique capability of keeping the details of one user party anonymous, generating security and trust for the users. The technology has picked up at a good pace from its emergence in 2008, and its implications were only limited to the Cryptosystems only. But these days, Blockchains are being used in many other practical fields. For instance, Healthcare facilities are developing and renovating most of their systems with Blockchain technologies.


What is Cryptocurrency?

The more we talk about Crypto, the more it seems that there is lots more information left. Cryptocurrency is a currency system only available on virtual platforms and can be circulated there only. The first Crypto, Bitcoin, emerged when the Blockchain was initiated. These currencies are used to buy and sell many assets present in the virtual space and are protected by unique codes or designs. The codes are used to encrypt the currency. They secure the private data it conserves where each currency has different codes. The participation of any central authority is absent in this system, meaning that the system works independently, offering the users versatile means to do business and investments.


How the Network Vulnerabilities Affect Growth?

As per a study completed by Crypto Head, which collects statistics and develops guidelines on the cryptocurrency industry, there has been a surge in cryptocurrency fraud and hacking incidents in 2021, with the number of incidents recorded increasing by greater than 40% year on aggregate. Not only this, Crypto price fluctuation is an ordinary thing in the digital market. Recently only the Bitcoin prices have gone up, but before that, it suffered profusely from the price fluctuations. The DeFi under Ethereum also faces the same issue. Until the scalability issues are solved, it is impossible to keep up with these fluctuations.


The Central Finance Institutions

Even though the entire world is embracing digital properties, and most countries are warming to the possibilities for tax collection, the business continues to encounter fierce hostility from the administrations. While several commercial banks have expressed caution about cryptocurrency, the central bank communities have been especially harsh in condemnation. Many crypto firms, programmers, and entrepreneurs are attempting to relocate to Dubai. Dubai’s “sandbox approach,” which other nations struggle to exhibit for Crypto, is one of its marketing points. Authorities frequently use sandbox setups to study potential but experimental finance technology.


Where do the Startup Founders stand? 

Although Crypto is viewed as the coinage of the coming years, tech startup owners are unconvinced that decentralized innovation will significantly impact their industry in the immediate times. According to a poll of over 500 IT startup entrepreneurs, 40% of respondents possess cryptocurrencies. According to a relatively similar report, the number of individuals involved in this virtual, decentralized currency has doubled in the last year, reaching 35 million participants. Despite the increase in headcount, the value of cryptocurrencies has been steadily declining this year, which is where the concern comes in.


In this Bitcoin Era, investments in Cryptos are a very common area, and it has greater potential to bring better profits for many startups. But as long as the vulnerabilities, the market fluctuations, and the disagreements with the Government continue, it is wiser to keep it as an option than to make it the prime medium of money exchange or doing business.



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