Which Cigar Humidor Is The One For You?


Tired of having stale cigars? We have just the thing for you — Humidors. Humidors are a wonderful technique to preserve the freshness of cherished cigars for plenty of years. By employing specific elements to assist manage moisture content inside the device in an effort to retain the flavor and purity of the tobacco, how do you know which one would be appropriate for you? These points below will help you with the tips to remember while purchasing the humidor, or you can check this site out for some good cigar humidifiers!


Choosing The Appropriate Size

Ranging from the plethora of cigar humidors available, representing its own proportions. Hence, the very first thing to ensure you get something that will fit your cigar assortment ideally.


If you’re a connoisseur or wholesaler, for example, a room humidor would be a preferred idea. Such passing variants are often enormous to store vast numbers of various cigar varieties throughout lengthy durations. 


A cupboard humidor or desktop humidor is a decent alternative if you are not an avid collector just possess only several dozen cigars as well as anticipate acquiring just about the same amount. The hefty products are large enough to hold roughly 50 cigars while maintaining a decent amount of visual appeal. They may also be made to mix in with your existing furnishings, which in itself is a plus.


By not picking the right size for your cigar humidor, the threat of being unable to ensure the best temperatures and moisture content optimally is high. Additionally, having a tiny humidor, packing the cigars in a compact form space compromises their flavor. Furthermore, having too big of a humidor, you would not be able to fully utilize the inside area and excess humidity content will be subsumed instead of maintaining them in good shape.

Convenience Is Key

A traveler’s main concern would be the convenience of bringing a portable humidor around. 


In contrast to most of the normal-sized versions in the industry, you’ll often find that they’re incredibly cost-effective. Compact humidors can accommodate 20 or more cigars on a daily basis although they seldom get the ability to accumulate more.


They’re more suited to people who want to take their cigars mostly on-road or move them around their house from place to place whilst preserving them perfectly in the humidor. Having a smaller one on hand is always a good idea rather than lugging around a larger one.

Wood Preferences

Of course, the most preferred type of wood for maintaining humidity would be the Spanish Cedar. Though, a variety of woods can also be used such as mahogany, maple oak, and cherry wood. Take note that perhaps the type of wood selected may affect the humidor’s capacity to maintain moisture content and temperature.  

Which Cigar Humidor Is The One For You?

Still, the finest insulator, Spanish cedar in comparison to the rest, is the most costly of all the wood possibilities. Mahogany is also a good choice, but it won’t provide the same layer of safety from insects and parasites as Spanish cedar in time. It’s also worth noting that the excellence of a humidor and its capacity to insulate is influenced by the wood’s structure.

Determine The Quality Of The Right Humidor

Due to the overflowing market of humidors, there are definitely some poor-quality ones out there. You’ll discover that it would only last just several months before the product starts malfunctioning. Normally humidors are intended to last for many years with the right building. As a result, it is essential to recognize the telltale symptoms of phony humidors.


Starting off with pricing, you would want to keep an eye on the cost. Cheap humidors are usually built with inexpensive materials that are essentially weirdly low in cost. It is due to the bulk of high-quality humidors that are handmade from the country of origin and with materials that are high quality so selling them at a cheap rate makes no logical sense. If you are buying it online, it would be proper for you to check the website’s comments from people that have previously purchased from them before. It is essential to not accidentally buy a model that is low in quality and loads to your cigar assortment.

The Difference Between Inclusive And Exclusive Additions

When buying a humidor, there are generally two choices: one with a hygrometer and another with a thermometer included, or rather than one without essential tobacco accouterments constructed. A hygrometer, for those new to the humidor community, is an instrument that detects and displays the indoor climate inside the home. A thermometer is a device that records data. These two components are essential for cigar enthusiasts as they reveal the sort of atmosphere in which your cigars are stored in your humidor. Should you buy a humidor that comes with all these cigar accouterments installed, or will buying them separately do the trick? In our opinion, purchasing a cigar humidor is usually a smart idea, even if they are a little more costly.

Finding A Humidor With Tight Sealing

Without a suitable seal akin to a standard cooler won’t keep the contents cool. If buying a humidor online, you are unable to test the product out before purchasing to inquire about the seal. Checking to see if the product shuts with a “whoosh” sound. That sound is indicative of the humidor correctly segregating the interior from the exterior according to seasoned collectors of cigars. On the contrary, if the lid closes forcibly without generating this sound, there could also be a possibility that it might not be as insulating as well as it may be.


Albeit the smallest aspects of a cigar humidor have a part in how strong the system as the whole system performs in the long term. When purchasing a humidor, make sure the top, latches, seal, and even the woodwork are of the highest quality. If one component of the humidor malfunctions, the system will fail. Whenever it comes to humidors, like most times in society, you get the quality you paid for. Spending more on a high-end model; will last you for many years to come and if you’re passionate about accumulating cigars and preserving them fresh, the excess revenue will be well worth it.

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