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If you have a love for Dystopian Literature, both reading and writing then is well worth checking out. They offer an in-depth analysis of a Dystopian Literature while also enabling user reviews and ratings of the Dystopias. If you are an aspiring Author we all know how important good reviews are, and readers, well there is only so much time in the day so make you read the books that you love.

Dystopian Books Reviews

With an easy to use layout and ability to submit your book for review, you make sure that your works reach and engaged and motivated genre-specific audience. George Orwell may be considered by many as the father of Dystopian worlds, but like many that have come after him knew, Orwell laid a foundation however the story is far from over.

Share your favourite stories for others to enjoy and find the best Dystopian Books for you to enjoy. Dystopian Books also offers the readers a chance to rate the works, nothing new there, however, it’s Genre specific approach ensures Dystopian fans are not wasting their precious time looking for their next read.

Authors and Readers Find Your Next Dystopian Read

By bringing together the Author and the Reader Dystopian Books offers a unique approach to there reviews, with fantastic summaries and clearly defined spoilers you know what you’re getting with the next read. For Authors in this genre what more would you want, a dedicated team with a passion for Dystopian fiction, not only do you get a solid review, but also an engaged and dedicated audience who share a commonality – a love for all things Dystopian.

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Fun Fact

Do dystopian novels sell?

Dystopian novels are incredibly popular, often in spite of the dark and dark world, or because of it. Thousands of these books are sold (maximum sales are in the millions), but some people don’t know why. Here are some of the main reasons people find dystopian novels so attractive.

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