What You Need to Know About How to Send Money to India From Australia

Sending money to India from Australia is simple if you use your local bank, but it might be costly. International money transfers are frequently accompanied by hidden costs, exchange rates with hidden margins, and bank fees.

Alternatively, you may go into a store and use a service like Western Union or Moneygram to send your money in person. These services are frequently rapid, but they may not be the cheapest option to send money to India. Online money transfer services have the potential to provide the best of both worlds. They provide a low-cost method of transferring funds without having to leave your home. Here are some of Australia’s greatest money transfer services:


Remitly is an easy way to send money from Australia. They accept credit and debit cards and have a well-known mobile app. Remitly offers an “Express” option for sending money to family or acquaintances in another nation, which is faster but more expensive. If you’re not in a hurry, their “economy” service is somewhat slower but significantly less expensive.

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What is the cost of sending money to India?

The “Economy” charge is less than $5, however, if you need money sent urgently, their “Express” rates vary depending on the amount.

The exchange rate you obtain is based on the quantity of money sent.


OFX (formerly Ozforex) began in Australia and has since grown to become a well-known global brand. It is well-known for its security and has its headquarters in Sydney. They’re a fantastic option for Australians who don’t mind doing business online but want to chat with a live person.

What is the cost?

Transfer Price: Normally, OFX charges a set fee for modest payments; however, by clicking on the link below, your transactions will be free of charge.

OFX adds a margin to the exchange rate when you convert your Australian dollars to Indian rupees.

The minimum amount for a transfer is AUD$250.

XE Money Transfers 

XE, being a trusted and seasoned brand in foreign exchange, might be a decent alternative for internet consumers who aren’t in a hurry. They don’t have set fees and don’t have any minimum amounts, so they’re suitable for any size transaction.

How much does it cost?

Transfer Fee: None, although there may be hidden fees at the local bank.

Conversion Rate: The AUD/INR exchange rate you obtain when converting Australian dollars to Indian rupees is determined by the amount of your transfer.

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If you want to transfer money online, Wise is one of the most convenient options. It is really simple to create an account or make a transfer using their app. They also have the greatest exchange rates since they provide the same market rate as XE or Google and do not charge any hidden exchange rate markups.

What is the price of it?

Transfer Fee: 0.68 AUD + 0.55 percent of the amount transferred.

Exchange Rate: Wise provides you with the best exchange rate available (google rate). They do not employ a margin.

Bank transfer, debit card, and a credit card are the available payment options.


WorldRemit is a company that specializes in remittances and small transactions. They’re ideal for personal money transfers from Australia to India of up to AUD10,000. They typically provide rates that are lower than those offered by Australian banks like ANZ and Commonwealth Bank. They provide you more delivery alternatives than PayPal, Western Union, or MoneyGram.

How much does it set you back?

The cost for little quantities starts at AUD2.99.

Delivery options include bank transfers, bill payments, and airtime. AUD50,000 is the maximum amount that may be sent.


You must avoid banks if you wish to send money internationally without paying a charge. To send money abroad, each bank charges a set cost and adds a margin to the exchange rate. You will be charged an upfront fee, an exchange rate margin, or both if you utilize a money transfer service.

Although certain money transfer firms, such as TorFX, do not charge a fee, the exchange rate is still subject to a margin. Other firms, like XE or OFX, charge a tiny cost for smaller transactions but offer price-free transfers for bigger ones. Alternatively, firms like Wise or InstaReM charge an upfront cost rather than any hidden fees in the exchange rate.

What details do you need to send money from Australia to an Indian bank account?

You’ll need the following details about the recipient’s account to send money from Australia:

  • The person or firm you’re paying account number. You’ll also need their address from time to time.
  • A unique identifier for your account.
  • Routing Number or Swift / BIC code

Bottom line 

You may send money online using your checking account or third-party web and mobile applications. Nevertheless, no one provider has yet to meet all of the consumer’s money transfer demands. The ideal option for you is determined by your preferences and whether you choose to send money fast, for free, securely, or globally.

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