What Online Games To Play When You Are Bored?

Here we have outlined some of the best games like which you can gain access to rapidly online.

Most times, when you are bored, your thumb tends to twiddle especially when you are a gamer.

Here is a list of those games that we are referring to below.


QWOP is a very old and famous game. This is what you have to do to win, run 100 meters completely.

It is a very straightforward goal but it is far from simple because to win, you have to take control of the thighs and calves of your player.

Sometimes especially as a newbie, it is difficult to take your players out of the start line. It is annoying but contrary to this, it also introduces fun.


This is a stress relief kind of game even for those who don’t play a lot of puzzle games.

The aim here is to develop the longest route using tiles that you put down.

These tiles are generated willy-nilly but the good thing is that it gives you options so you don’t get frustrated.

The game has a piece of nice and cool music as you play.


This is a match-three game alongside a jam. The game has two stages, the first one is called day, where you have to match and collect different materials to create your village.

The next stage is called night where you match to battle against monsters coming at you.

Time only enhances when a move is made so it involves smart planning and thoughtfulness.

You have to be clever while playing but at the same time it is so much fun.

Cookie Clicker

The main aim of this game is very complicated that it is only possible to understand it as you play.

The main aim is to manufacture enough cookies as you can. You can manufacture cookies by clicking another cookie. It is as simple as that.

You can now exchange cookies at the store in order to buy power-ups.


This is a very famous game that was changed into an online game. You move number tiles on. A grid.

To mix them into the multiples of three, you have to get the top score by placing rate tiles.

It might look like a very simple logic but it is as difficult as it can get. It is also a very delightful game.


The classic puzzle game requires players to strategically uncover tiles on a grid, aiming to avoid hidden mines while using clues provided by adjacent numbers to deduce their locations. 

With its simple yet addictive gameplay, it challenges players to employ logic to clear the board without triggering any explosive surprises.


Backgammon is a timeless strategy game where players compete to move their pieces across a board, utilizing dice rolls to make strategic moves and block their opponent. 

Players must carefully plan their moves and outmaneuver their opponent and bear off all their pieces first.


The fast paced card game requires players to strategically play and combine cards to score points, aiming to be the first to reach a target score. 

With its unique scoring system and combination of luck and skill, players must carefully craft their hands and employ strategic card play to outscore their opponents and claim victory.

Let us know your favorite online games here in the comments below. With massive choice, these were some gamethere has to be something for everyone hope these 5 choices help you pass a little time.

If Life is just a game and luck is for losers - Then I am winning the game
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