What Motivated the North East to vote Brexit

What Motivated the North East to vote Brexit

Review of what motivated the North East to vote Brexit – Earlier predictions already showed Leave camp victory in the north east. However, the magnitude of the votes cast to leave the EU shocked analysts, politicians as well as the markets.

The Sunderland 61.3 per cent exit votes came in and caused some changes. One of the most immediate effects was that the pound ran into a nosedive. This set the tone for most of the events that night. Nigel was about to concede defeat but the new results immediately changed the balance of power.

Newcastle earned the Remain side 50.7% of its votes. All the remaining northeast regions votes were for the Leave side. This perplexed the Brexiteers. The region voters collectively produced more than 69.5%. Also, Darlington and North Tyneside votes went into the Leave EU team by 56.2% and 53.4% respectively.

So What is it That Motivated the North East to Vote Brexit…

The thought of loosing power to Brussels was a major issue. The reality that the EU law is more powerful to UK law. Such law blocked the British voters from voting out the lawmakers. Similarly, while inside the EU, the European Court of Justice was the UK Supreme Court. What did this imply? That UK had no control over human rights and migration.

The north-east wanted to come out of the umbrella in which three key bodies make the decisions. These bodies are the European Parliament, the Council of Ministers and the European Ministers.

The immigration issue was also the other bone of contention that made the northeast to vote exit. The European Court of Justice is the Supreme Court and therefore the effect of Britain is minimal.

In simpler terms, northeast voted exit due to the need to control immigration and also feel it is in control. By casting such a huge amount of votes to leave the EU, Sunderland was able to forego the Project Fear that the Stay Camp was spreading.

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