What Do They Do For Your Skin

Bioactive From The Sea: What Do They Do For Your Skin?

The sea harbours resilient and resistant organisms like few others. From there, we extract bioactive substances with unique and powerful properties. 

If we love one thing, it’s talking about our formulas. Why? Because they are developed with the most innovative and effective for Brazilian and demanding skin, which values ​​products made with the most technological in world cosmetics.

These bioactive components are capable of absorbing the UV radiation and keep the human fibroblast cells from UV-induced aging. These secondary metabolites that act as UV filters/sunscreen with antioxidant activity can be extensively used in cosmetic products. 

The power of algae 

Algae are super-resistant organisms. They can survive in very unfavourable environments and adverse conditions. At sea, they face a high level of salinity and solar radiation. When they live thousands of metres deep, they face low temperatures. Even so, they still work! That’s why they are so researched, and some of them are a source of excellent bioactive for our skin. 

The most used in cosmetics are red and brown algae. Their combination reacts with skin substances forming a protective film and acting as a moisturiser, firming, and anti-irritant. Due to this affinity with the skin, the biofilm created protects the skin against external damage: solar radiation or loss of hydration due to excessive cold and wind. 

Algae also have high amounts of polysaccharides, which are great hydrating agents.  

Marine Bioactive: generation of new cells

Extracted more than 2,700m deep in Greenland’s cold and deep waters, this bioactive promotes regeneration rejuvenation and strengthens the skin’s structure. That’s because it increases the ability to produce new cells, reinforcing its integrity and flexibility. 

A very high dose of proteins that form a biofilm also protects the skin against blue light generated by the sun and electronics. It penetrates more deeply than UVA and UVB rays, affecting the natural production of collagen hyaluronic acid and accelerating the photoaging process. 

It also strengthens the skin’s structure, increasing the production of collagen I, III, and IV, responsible for skin firmness. It is rich in proteins that help smooth wrinkles and expression lines, firm the skin’s structure and rejuvenate the appearance. 

To complete, the marine bioactive enhances the hydration and natural glow of the skin.

Bioactive of Green Microalgae: less oxidation, more collagen  

The bioactive green microalgae promote more firmness to the skin, as it stimulates collagen production – mainly type III collagen, known as “youth collagen” because its natural production is reduced by 50% at age 30 – and have antioxidant action, declining by 32% free radicals resulting from sunlight or artificial blue light.Plankton is an incredibly versatile skincare ingredient! It protects the skin from UV radiation and blue light and helps to prevent pollutants and toxins from penetrating the skin. It reduces oxidative stress, protects the cells and fights the signs of premature skin aging.

Thus, it prevents and repairs the signs of skin ageing and enhances the natural response of the skin’s self-defence mechanisms against blue light damage.  

SOS Facial Essential

With marine bioactive and green microalgae, this powerful mist promotes instant hydration, gives more firmness and elasticity to the skin, smoothes wrinkles, and even protects against the damage of digital pollution. Perfect for a routine uncomplicated, with everything essential in one spray. 

Pro-Aging Body Moisturising Serum

With bioactive green microalgae and seaweed, this serum prevents and repairs the signs of premature ageing, reducing free radicals by 32%, increasing collagen production by 34%. and protecting against blue light damage.  

Seaweed forms a biofilm that protects the skin from external aggressions, increasing the skin’s natural self-defence capacity.

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Fun Fact

Why is sea algae good for skin?

The ingredient works to soothe the skin and has UV-absorbing and amino acid properties that help with brightening, hydrating, moisturizing, and delivering anti-aging benefits.


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