What to Do in Las Vegas besides Gambling?

If you are new to Las Vegas, here are some suggestions on what you can do besides gambling. By doing something other than gambling, you can spend your Time better and not be bored by staying in a casino all day.

A visit to the city wouldn’t be complete without experiencing a little of what Vegas has to offer at any other time of the year. Gambling is just one of many things you can do in Las Vegas. Las Vegas is the capital and, indeed, the city’s name.

The Las Vegas Strip is an internationally recognized tourist destination boasting many hotels and restaurants that cater to all budgets. This can overwhelm those who come for a few days, business or pleasure.

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If you don’t gamble and want to relax and enjoy some fun but at the same time don’t want to spend a fortune on entertainment, there are plenty of activities that will please just about any traveler; you should see if there is a free day pass offer or coupon. Viva Las Vegas! When you visit Las Vegas, gambling, fine dining, and world-class entertainment are all part of the package. This guide covers some of the most popular activities in Sin City, which include;

Go Bowling:

Made famous by old-school arcade games. You can go bowling with friends if you’re feeling social or bowl solo if you are itching to get some time to yourself!

See A Show:

There are all types of shows that you can see in this famous city, from magic shows to acrobat shows.

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Spend Time At The Pool

Go ahead and check out one of the many pools in Las Vegas. There’s even a large water park specifically for adults called Wet ‘n’ Wild that features different pool areas like a rapid river ride.

Go On A Safari:

You can visit all sorts of animals and habitats here, from the Great Zoo in Las Vegas to the Animal Habitat at MGM Grand.

Visit the Red Rock Canyon:

Just outside of town sits one of the biggest rock formations in Nevada, Red Rock Canyon.

Las Vegas is a big city with a lot of attractions. You can visit the Hoover Dam, see exhibitions or movies at the Museum of Neon Art or buy some gambling at the best casinos in town.

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It’s quite fun to take public transportation from the airport, ride a bus up into downtown, over the top of the strip, down Fremont Street (it’s worth it for posterity), then back downtown again to gamble.

Or maybe have a great dinner at an older non-casino type place in one of the older neighborhoods or visit the hotels nearby; Mandalay Bay and Luxor are great spots to visit. My favorite part is that you can go off the strip and explore the city instead of sticking to those attractions on the property. I’ve made sure to include a lot of good stuff beyond gambling, not just your standard Las Vegas places you see on TV or in movies.

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