What Cryptos Millionaires are Buying? Let’s see

Most millionaires these days have a huge part of their wealth invested in cryptocurrency. This year they have plans of adding more regardless of the price decline. Most millennial millionaires own cryptos. Investors have investable assets of either $1 million or greater than that. Over half have at least 50 % of their money in cryptocurrency and almost a third have at least their wealth three-quarters in Bitcoin, Ether, or other cryptos. The cryptocurrency holding hot topics nowadays of such millennial millionaires is in huge contrast to those of the millionaires of older generations.

Should you buy these cryptos that millionaires are buying now?

Crypto is a promising future investment. It has been on many investors’ minds from the time Bitcoin began to increase in value. Yet there is much information available now. It makes it challenging to decide which cryptocurrencies to buy.  This market is a difficult place for experienced investors. Many digital currencies or projects are worth investing in. It is tough to understand which ones will be succeeding from those that would not make you any money with time without proper fundamental analysis.

Before further jumping into such an area, it is important to understand that crypto is a volatile asset. Also, remember to never invest any money that you can never afford to lose. Recently millionaires have started to buy these cryptos. Read along to know more.


  • Bitcoin is known to be one of the most famous cryptos.
  • It still dominates the crypto market.
  • It is still gaining a foundation against different cryptos.
  • It is the oldest crypto and has survived for a decade.
  • It is one such digital asset that investors buy for long-term investment.


  • It introduced blockchain innovations.
  • Ethereum became one such platform for different implications.
  • It is considered to be the silver to the gold of Bitcoin.
  • Ethereum is something you require to participate in trades of high value such as NFT or non-fungible tokens.


  • It is more environmentally friendly compared to other cryptos.
  • Similar to company dividends on stocks it is capable of justifying stronger prices with time.
  • It has collected uses in the real world.
  • Cardano has been fighting all retail plagiarism and gathering uses in the farm supply chain.


  • In the world of cryptocurrency, a huge rise or fall in Tether’s value will be viewed as a failure.
  • It is because Tether is a stablecoin.
  • It is used for buying and selling other cryptos.


  • Solana is placed in the vital sector of the DeFi solution.
  • 368 decentralized apps are created on its top.
  • This crypto plays well with other networks.
  • Solana is alluring to developers.
  • Users of many applications likely require Solana tokens.


  • It has benefits that may aid in dominating the crypto world.
  • Polkadot plays perfectly with other cryptos.
  • Its transaction costs are less.
  • Mostly important is its speed of transaction.
  • It is very fast.
  • Overall it is the perfect crypto for today’s developing cryptocurrency finance sector.


  • Dogecoin was created as a joke.
  • Its co-founder is also surprised by the performance of this coin.
  • The value of Dogecoin sharply rose with the motivation from celebrities.
  • However experts mention that its nature assures that it may not be rising very high again in some years.
  • Still investments are being done.

Monero XMR

  • There appeared to be many things that the crypto industry imagined Bitcoin would be.
  • Monero XMR is relatively untraceable.
  • It holds good value.
  • One can create it confidentially on computers from home.


Cryptocurrency has started to create a huge generational division in investment and the creation of wealth among the young and old. The millionaires of the older generations are very skeptical of cryptocurrency and its future. But they have become the main source to create wealth and growing assets for many young investors. They made early crypto investments and saw fast returns. A huge difference is still there between the various generations of wealth. Irrespective of the price decline recently in Bitcoin or other cryptos, millennial millionaires do not plan to stop their cryptocurrency investing. Many plans to add to their holding in the next 1 year and some plan to maintain their present cryptocurrency levels.

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