What Countries Are Likely To Follow The BrExit?

What Countries Are Likely To Follow The BrExit?

Britain is not alone in their feelings toward the European Union. As a matter of fact, some European countries might be more Eurosceptic than Britain is. Although BrExit is the first, we expect it not to be the last. So I hear you ask what countries are likely to follow the BrExit?

The question now is; what other countries might follow the lead of Britain and call for their own referendums to exit the EU

Looking at the history of the EU and how countries responded to its policies and regulations we can predict what the future might hold for Europe. The following list contains four European countries that will probably call for their own “BrExit” soon.

Sweden: SwExit

what countries are likely to follow the BrExitIn general, people are more Eurosceptic than parties in Sweden. Some parties (i.e. The Left Party of Sweden) were against accession to the European Union and still want Sweden to leave the EU while others (i.e. The Sweden Democrats) are also strongly against the Union and favor withdrawal from the EEA, European Economic Area.

Both Britain and Sweden were non-Eurozone members which makes it highly likely for Sweden to follow Britain out of the EU.

A recent poll suggested 36% of the Swedish population would back a “SwExit” while 32% want to stay.

Denmark: DeExit

what countries are likely to follow the BrExitDenmark joined the EU in the same year Britain did and it stayed away from the Euro currency the same Britain and Sweden did.

The Danish People’s Party advocates withdrawal from the EU, but has claimed to support some EU structures such as the internal market, and supported the EU-positive Liberal-Conservative coalition 2001–2011.

The People’s Movement against the EU, founded in 1972, has one primary objective which is to withdraw the country from the EU and rejoin the European Free Trade Association.

SwExit: FrExit – What Countries Are Likely To Follow The BrExit?

what countries are likely to follow the BrExitUnlike Sweden, Many French people are uninterested in the France-EU relations: only 40% of the French electorate voted in the 2009 European Parliament elections. The political parties are the entities that are more or less radically Eurosceptic.

The French President François Hollande has since called for the EU to be reformed and to scale back its power.

Recently Marine Le Pen has called on the Socialist government to hold an EU referendum. We believe that if this referendum takes place in France, people would probably vote to leave as well.

Italy: ItExit

what countries are likely to follow the BrExitItaly’s anti-establishment Five Star Movement (M5S), which had become the largest anti-establishment and Eurosceptic party in Europe after gaining 25.5% of vote in the 2013 general election, had demanded a referendum on the withdrawal of Italy from the Eurozone (but not from the European Union) as it says “the Euro just does not work” and to return to the lira.

According to 18 opinion polls conducted in July 2015, the Eurosceptic parties would get 47.05% of the votes.

Who is the Most Eurosceptic Country? What Countries Are Likely To Follow The BrExit?

A survey of 10,000 Europeans across 10 countries by Pew Research earlier this year found that the UK is the least Eurosceptic country and yet it is the first country to exit the union.

The survey finding was somewhat surprising; the majority of people felt unfavorably towards the union:

  • Greece (71%)
  • France (61%)
  • Spain (49%)
  • UK (48%)

Let us know if other countries should be added to this shortlist and why.

Your feedback and participation are highly appreciated.

Australia-Unwrapped Team

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