What Causes The Skin to Age Too Soon?

What Causes The Skin to Age Too Soon?

How To Avoid Premature Wrinkles And Aging

We are all, at least most of us, bound to spend on beauty to keep ourselves looking young and flawless whenever we can.  How beauty is desired and is seen throughout the ends of the earth for centuries past is almost next to human nature.  Who wouldn’t want to stay young looking anyway?


Before keying up a search with “product suggestions” and “Product reviews” as search terms, you should take the time to get to know better the factors that cause skin to age at a faster rate.  While senescence cannot be helped, the following factors compromise the body’s ability to resist it further:

1.Sun Exposure

 The number 1 culprit when it comes to premature aging is the sun and the hugely damaging effects UVA and UVB cause the skin.  These two types of radiation are detrimental to skin health.  As UVB burns the surface layer of the skin, UVA penetrates the skin much more deeply, often causing irreversible damages to the skin’s matrix which manifest as chronic skin dryness, crepey skin, and hyper-pigmentation, among others.

2. Harsh Products

Drying alcohols, fragrance, and colorants are infused in almost every widely marketed skincare product. These happen to be the most irritating and damaging ingredients you can get from the very skincare products committing to make more youthful skin appearance.

3. Pollution

Dust and smoke clog pores and stress out your skin. Chemicals from industrial and automobile pollution can also be highly irritating to the surface.

4. Smoking, Drinking and Substance Abuse

Having too much of these vices can make your skin unable to bounce back to its younger self, even with a harm full products in your regimen.

5. Poor Diet

What you eat shows up on your skin too.  Sugary foods cause your skin to lose elasticity.  It eventually shows up as saggy skin as the synthesis between fat and muscle becomes weaker and extremely compromised.

6. Bad Stress

Good stress is right on your mind and body.  However, when it involves negative emotions and unpleasant psychological troubles, it can affect not only your skin but, more importantly, your overall health and well-being.  When stress at home, work or community becomes too much to handle, it sets off a series of chemical reaction in your body which sends off disadvantageous triggers throughout your body.  Among which is skin wrinkling and loosened up the skin.

7. Chronic Lack of Sleep

Sufficient and satisfying sleep is the foundation of a youthful body and beautiful skin.  All the essential repairs that should occur to keep your body protected from infections, away from diseases, and your skin free from folds happen while your eyes are shut.


How to Prevent Premature Skin Aging

When your skin health is involved, it is only imperative that your entire body system must be required as well.  Product reviews may give you significant inputs when it comes to choosing the anti-wrinkle products that can work wonders for your skin type and skin needs.

Still, holding back the seven causes of premature skin aging will be the ones that redound to real, targeted, more extended-lasting results. Therefore, to prevent skin aging, you should adhere to the following crepey skin treatments every day, without fail:

1. Get Less Sun

When it comes to sunshine, you need only to soak up for about 15 minutes, very early in the morning to give your body sufficient levels of Vitamin D to power vital body functions.  Other than that, opt to stay in the shade and use sunscreen when it cannot be helped.  A sunscreen will never be able to provide you 100% sun protection — keep that in mind.

2.Shift to Gentler Products

Green products are usually safe and at a lower risk of causing your skin inflammation.


3. Stay in Clean And Tidy Environments

Keep your surroundings clean and avoid pollution as much as you can.

4. Stop Taking Your Vices

When healthy glowing skin is your target, forget that you can achieve it if you can’t quit.

5. Eat Fresh

Choose fresh and less processed.

6.Practice Managing Stress

Attend classes or counseling sessions if stress becomes too much to bear.

7.Induce Yourself to a Restful Sleep

After putting on your Neocutis, do whatever it is that relaxes you.


Premature aging is real, and it can happen quickly right before your eyes.  Even as you think you are young and invincible, don’t be too particular because, if you don’t take good care of yourself, those wrinkles will start creeping in.

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