What are the Most Famous Australian Online Trends of 2023?

Having trouble keeping up with the latest social media trends? You are not alone, believe us. Social networking is one of the world’s fastest growing and most rapidly changing sectors, catering to more than half of the population.

In 2022, social media usage has increased by more than 190 million users, making it one of the most important advertising opportunities for businesses globally. With the enterprise expected to grow to 5.85 billion clients by 2027, we understand that if you aren’t actively using social networks in your advertising approach, you should be – and you should begin today.

Super Applications

The multisensory forecast corresponds to another trend identified by Marketing Interactive & Gartner: super applications. Super applications, like WeChat, integrate numerous services such as chat, video and entertainment, commerce, and payment. This gives customers more immersive experiences as well as the convenience of having different demands handled on a single platform.

TikTok, for example, has been adding features that directly imitate other social networking applications, such as a BeReal clone, carousels, tales, and lengthier videos, and it is even expanding into the non-digital world. Meta has been working to make WhatsApp more than just one-on-one chat, including community tools & payment services in specific locations. Elon Musk called his Twitter acquisition “an accelerant to producing X, the everything app.”

Playing Some Pokies

What’s better than putting on a fire in your fireplace on a cold winter night, sitting down on your couch, and playing some online slot machines to pass the time and potentially make some money?

There is numerous online gambling casino that offers breath-taking selections that vary from slot machines, to live dealer games such as roulette and blackjack to table games.

Augmented Reality Will Become More Widespread

Other technologies, such as virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), will be integrated with social media, allowing for more customer contact. While VR adoption is still in its early stages, augmented reality (AR) is now being utilized to improve Instagram and Snapchat images. Snapchat, for example, employs augmented reality in all of its picture filters to transform people into animals, make them appear to be wearing cosmetics or spectacles, or otherwise alter their looks.

However, AR applications extend beyond picture filters. People can also test products in advance. Customers may digitally put on eyewear or examine how furniture would fit in a space, for example.

Customer Service 

Customer service is becoming an important aspect of social networking.

People eventually began to use social media as a customer support platform when they discovered they could contact businesses directly. Customers submit questions or concerns, and businesses answer.

According to Microsoft’s Worldwide State of Customer Service survey, 54% of global participants had more favorable perceptions of organizations that reacted to customer service concerns or requests on social media. Customers recognize the significance of replying to postings.

Companies may wish to invest in a bot to handle some questions quickly or establish a customer support knowledge base – or FAQ – to speed up response time.

Local targeting will expand

Companies may attract local customers by using location-based targeting. Geotagging in social networking material to reach a specific audience is a typical approach to discovering locals.

Because social media users may search for postings near them, provide a location in your post. Instagram, for example, includes a geographical search feature. Companies may also “boost a post” on Facebook and pick target regions for the audience to help reduce the reach.

Artificial Intelligence Will Help With Content Development

Forrester forecasts that AI software would expand 50% faster than the entire software industry by 2023. Businesses may write social media posts using AI content production technologies such as ChatGPT, CopyAI, and Jasper.

While AI can help with copywriting, it cannot replace customized and authoritative material created by a human writer. By outlining or reformatting old information for different mediums such as social media or email campaigns, AI may assist in the creation of new content.

More organizations may utilize AI technologies to tailor posts and captions to reach their target audiences by receiving tips on enhancing user interaction.

Social Audios Will Become More Popular

Even while audio is not new, its prominence on social media is. Audio solely employs the human voice to reach its audience, allowing consumers to listen on the go.

In 2021, Clubhouse, a social audio app, was popular, but the invite-only condition made it impossible for all companies to utilize it. Other platforms, though, are already providing audio-only solutions. Facebook now supports audio content with features like Soundbites, podcasts, and Rooms.

Live event streaming, voicemail, music, live audio rooms, and meetings are all examples of how social audio is being used.

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