Week 10 of Pregnancy the Worst

Why Is Week 10 of Pregnancy The Worst?

The experience of pregnancy can cause a lot of questions to flood into one’s mind. With all the changes happening to your body, it can be tough to keep calm and stable. Understanding what’s going on inside your body is useful as it helps you to take care of yourself and your baby.

Week 10 tends to be a lot of hassle for most expectant women as loads of bodily changes are happening all at once. This is because the uterus is starting to expand due to progesterone relaxing your womb’s muscles to support the baby. Although, a lot of reports do mention that the digestive tract tends to act up and cause bouts of nausea and indigestion throughout the week.

If you’re curious about the inner workings of your body during the whole week, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading and we’ll help you understand how your body reacts to the changes and what you can do to keep things as comfortable as possible.

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What Makes Week 10 The Worst for Mothers?

Week 10 is filled with different bodily experiences that can be harrowing for 1st-time mothers. This week is well within the timeframe of the first trimester and is when your baby develops into a full fetus. Some mothers report that they’ve developed a baby bump already at this point with others stating that they haven’t had one yet. Another sign is the presence of veins on your belly and discharge from the vagina.

However, it can be tough to get through it as several side effects will occur alongside these bodily changes. You might start to feel a bit bloated and gassy as your digestive tract loosens up in preparation for your womb expanding. Other symptoms include bouts of Fatigue, Nausea, Cravings, Indigestion, and Headaches. Due to the increased weight put on your body, you may also feel slight ligament pains as you go along the week.

Sleep issues are also extremely prevalent during this week, especially as you’re entering the last phases of the first trimester. During the day, you may find that you feel sleepy thanks to the lower blood pressure and hormone being produced. The frequent need to urinate doesn’t help with a mother’s sleeplessness at night.

Tips For Getting Through The 10th Week of Pregnancy

Luckily, there are lots of things that can be done to make your 10th-week experience a little more bearable.

Fix Up Your Diet

One good way is to eat foods that are rich in fiber like cereals and fruits. This can help to stave off any feelings of constipation. Alongside that, you might feel better if you take care to drink lots of water and fruit juices. Staying hydrated is imperative to keeping healthy during the end of your first trimester.

Although, we do advise you to take it easy on caffeine during this period. Although you might feel sluggish during the day, caffeine isn’t a good thing to intake during pregnancy. Do your best to reduce or outright remove caffeine from your daily diet.

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Keep Yourself Active and Moving!

As with any good self-care routine, keeping yourself healthy and exercising is a good idea. Physical activity can help you to sleep more soundly while also making sure your body is in top shape. Another benefit is that your body won’t experience as much swelling or pains compared to someone that’s staying sedentary. You can ask your physician for pregnancy exercises to do while you’re at home.

Don’t Feel Stressed About Fatigue

Some mothers may find that the fatigue they’re experiencing is a stressful affair. When you’ve come from an active lifestyle to one that sees you being tired for most of the day, it can take a toll on you. However, it’s normal to experience fatigue during the 10th week as your body is working overtime to ensure your baby is healthy and happy.

Alongside supporting your baby, your body will also be producing the necessary parts of your placenta. This is an organ that’s vital in providing nutrients and oxygen to your baby while also filtering out any waste products. Once it’s formed, you should see a rise in energy levels again!

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Take Vitamins and Mineral Supplements

Your body is constantly being stressed during the end of your first trimester. That’s why we suggest taking prenatal vitamins and other supporting supplements during this period until the 12th week. This will ensure that your baby develops under the best conditions without damaging your body’s physical state.

For example, we find that mothers who decide to stay at home and rest for the whole week experience a deficiency in Vitamin D. This has adverse effects on their bones and muscles, causing them to weaken further. Although sunlight does provide Vitamin D, you’ll need supplements to completely meet the needs of your body.

Osteoporosis is another common disorder that stems from the effects of pregnancy. A lack of calcium may even lead to worse consequences like Hypocalcemia where a person might experience risks of lower bone mass. Make sure to ask your physician about ways of keeping calcium levels up throughout your pregnancy period.

Get Through Your 10th Week With Your Partner’s Support

We feel that the support of your partner is crucial for a mother to get through the hardest parts of pregnancy. During times of anxiety and all the things that are happening to them, they need someone to help them through teamwork and supportiveness. They provide emotional support and help you through the tougher decisions that may arise during the pregnancy period.

Physical support is also important as they can’t perform their household responsibilities as well as they could before. Get your partner to help you with cooking and cleaning around the house, especially for those experiencing bouts of food aversion. You can even ask your partner to give you massages around aching areas of your body.

Most importantly, they can offer you the love and affection you need during those times. Remember, parenthood is a journey that should be worked through together. Enjoy things as they come and work towards the future you’ve dreamed of together.

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