Technological advances are the order of the day, and if we talk about the economy and finance around the world, they are also constantly changing.

Two worlds converge and relate to each other, where the dependence on technology and the digital market is undeniable. Therefore any improvement to which one of the two concepts is subjected would always benefit its users, especially in Bitcoin Smarter.

For many people, the concept of Web3 refers to the next level of transformation to which the Web is subjected, where the shortcomings and inconveniences that both Web 1 and 2 may have had are solved, where decentralized entities and optimal levels in terms of data security and privacy will be your greatest strength.

Web 3.0 a new name for the Internet

In a few words, Web3 represents the future of the Internet, where companies, investors, private users, and anyone interested in the world of technology will get involved to operate in a decentralized manner.

With this revamped version of the Internet, the aim is to decentralize the management of information that is under the domain of large corporations and to be able to return control to those who initially used it, that is, private individuals.

By integrating the Internet with the Blockchain platform, people will have once again access to their information, finances, and assets, where the control of these will depend solely and exclusively on individuals.

Website Timeline

To know what Web 3.0 will be, it is necessary to know its history and, of course, its precedents, managing to recognize the changes and improvements with the evolution of technology and thus have a general concept of what the Internet of the future will be.

  • Web 1.0

It is considered the first generation of the Internet, where its primary use was to search and transfer information, which was controlled and generated solely and exclusively by its users; there were no content creators, much less the creative designers of the web pages that Today we enjoy.

  • Web 2.0


It is the Internet that we currently enjoy, where information searches are carried out and as a form of entertainment through games or to interact through social networks.

The content is generated by both users and specialists, with graphic mobility that attracts everyone and has decentralized services where large corporations have control.

These companies have the power to censor the content they consider inappropriate to be published on the Internet.

Another feature that stands out from web 2 is the inclusion of online purchases, where the marketing of products has allowed the positioning of many brands through their web pages.

Both versions have given way to the creation of Web 3, where the blockchain platform will be the protagonist, allowing the decentralization of a large amount of information and giving way to new communication strategies and the digital economy.

Web 3.0 and the Metaverse

The technological concepts developed. Today represents significant changes in society and from an economic and financial perspective.

That is why cryptocurrencies and the blockchain are giving way to these new concepts, so much so that last year the Metaverse began to be talked about.

A virtual reality that is approaching but whose technological base will be centralized in the blockchain platform will allow operations with digital currencies and crypto assets to be boosted.

What is sought with these tools is to offer anyone the opportunity to generate assets, play, invest, socialize, and more where all technologies will serve as a gear to achieve freedom of information and economic independence.

Through the Web, many will be able to venture into the blockchain environment and create, sell, or buy products such as NFTs that have recently positioned themselves, and more and more followers are emerging.


The future of the Internet is here and now; it only remains for us to adapt and evaluate the various tools that this new, improved platform brings with it and that only aims to make an environment friendlier with the new digital economy.

The compatibility of Web3 and cryptocurrencies is one of the fundamental elements that will give support and confidence to users of digital currencies, promoting investments and the possible regulation of the blockchain environment, marking the future of technology.

The information will return to those who have generated it; without the intervention or censorship of third parties, the same ecosystem will discard or allow the transmission of the appropriate information to third parties.

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