We May Think About These Beaches While We’re On Vacation

The Top 7 Dream Beaches

Long-distance travel is merely a pipe dream right now. Beautiful vacation spots with the nicest beaches are simply ready to welcome back eager vacationers.

SeyVillas, a Seychelles-based special trip operator, has put together a list of 10 of the most intriguing sites that tourists are already dreaming about – and who knows, maybe one of their travel dreams may come true sooner or later.


Beaches of a lifetime, coral reefs, and wildlife preserves: The Seychelles are the embodiment of a tropical island paradise for many vacationers. The presidential republic in the Indian Ocean is made up of 115 islands, the three largest of which are Mahe, which is home to the capital Victoria, Praslin, and La Digue. The Seychelles’ scenic splendour is undeniable; notably the vast, often deserted beaches with white sand beckon you to sunbathe or go for long walks. Many of the beaches are also framed by the usual granite cliffs, giving the scenery a picture-book feel.

The interior of the islands has a lot to offer as well: in national parks like the Vallee de Mai, visitors may stroll through unspoilt nature and be enthralled by the jungle’s allure.


Hawaii, the 50th state of the United States, is known for its cultural and scenic variety. The 137 atolls and islands in the centre of the Pacific have belonged to the United States of America since 159, yet they have kept their traditional Polynesian beauty. An amazing visit to Hawaii is promised, with fire-breathing volcanoes, magnificent sandy beaches, and spectacular mountain massifs among tropical greenery.

Travelers sense the ‘American way of life’ in Honolulu, the dynamic capital city, and throughout the archipelago, people greet each other with the famed greeting ‘Aloha,’ which translates as love or affection.


Thailand is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world for a reason. Beautiful beaches, remote highlands, and palm-fringed rivers await visitors. However, the East Asian country’s stunning temple complexes and great food attract a large number of tourists each year.

The islands off the Thai mainland, in particular, are a highlight of every journey. In addition, the kingdom is noted for its colourful and lavish festivities, in which the local population’s joie de vivre and hospitality play a key part.

South Africa

South Africa is marked by magnificent variety in terms of scenery and species, making it the globe in one nation. This country near the southern point of the African continent contains innumerable natural marvels, from the frigid seas of the Cape’s west coast to the rough plains of the Kruger National Park and the sun-kissed grassland of the Limpopo.

There are also vibrant cities like Johannesburg, Pretoria, and Cape Town, which is home to the fabled Table Mountain. A single journey seldom suffices to get to know South Africa in all of its nuances, which is part of what makes it so fascinating.

Bora Bora

The South Pacific atoll is one of the world’s most exclusive tourist locations. The archipelago is part of French Polynesia and has a population of roughly 10,000 people. Bora-Bora is a popular “island-become” postcard design that is often used as the setting for tropical honeymoons. The picture-perfect beaches, blue oceans, and lush forests speak for themselves.

In addition, the lagoons are rich in undamaged coral reefs, making the atoll a popular diving and snorkelling destination. The easiest way to see the interior of the atoll is on foot, and it’s worth hiring a local guide to help you get about.


The Bahamas are no less idyllic: the Caribbean island, which is especially popular with Americans owing to its closeness to Florida, has beautiful, white sand beaches and a plethora of palm palms. The weather is nice all year, with temperatures seldom falling below 20 degrees, even in the winter.

The amazing underwater environment beckons you to dive and snorkel, and the islands’ flora and wildlife, especially the famed swimming pigs, never fails to inspire. A fantastic destination for those who want to do nothing but rest and unwind while on vacation.


The Fiji Islands are located in the South Pacific, roughly 2,100 kilometres north of New Zealand. To put things in perspective, consider the following: A tube dug through the world from Germany or Austria to the island would resurface roughly in the archipelago’s region.

In addition to superb diving chances on the island’s abundant coral reefs, Fiji’s vast beaches and bays are regarded as a surfer’s paradise. In addition, visitors visiting the busy metropolis of Suva learn about the daily lives of the Fijian people as well as the country’s rich history.

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Going to the beach can improve your body’s ability to fight off infections. The iodine in ocean water is a wonderful immune system booster. It’s a natural antiseptic and even helps boost the function of your thyroid gland.

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