Ways to Get Energized and Motivated When You Feel Lazy – Day 73

Max Ignatius Atlas Year Of Change Day 73

Mandatory New Think Warning Reg: FO99

I got up and drank my breakfast this morning like a condemned prisoner savouring his last meal. If I was going to go almost half a day without eating, mental preparation would be just as necessary as stuffing my face. After I cleaned my plate, I sat down to meditate and envision a successful day. Going hungry for this long will be tough, but the results I’ll see will be well worth it.

I was a little hungry towards the end of the workday, but it was nothing I couldn’t handle. My real difficulties began after I got home. My kids wanted to go to the park, and even though all I could think about was food, I agreed to take them for some reason. I had enough energy to chase them around for a while, but doing so just made me feel hungrier. And of course, as we were driving home, they begged me for McDonalds since they hadn’t had any in a while. I grumpily obliged, but it took every ounce of my will not to order something for myself.

I figured that I wasn’t going to make it to my workout without eating something, so I made a smoothie to go along with a homemade snack. It wasn’t much, but it would at least hold me over until dinner. Not being distracted by hunger allowed me to exercise with a lot of purpose and energy, but I was a bit disappointed that I wasn’t able to follow through with the plan I’d laid out. I was at least able to restrain myself from getting fast food, so that’s something to be proud of. Anyways, this was just my first day on this new schedule, so some missteps are to be expected. I’ll be sure I make it all the way tomorrow.

Daily Image Year of Change Day 73 #YOC

Starting to see changes, also I am feeling happier how I look and have noticed some facial slimming.

Daily Image Year of Change Day 73 #YOC
Daily Image Year of Change Day 73 #YOC
Body transformation in 12 months from fat to fit  day 31

I don’t know if it was just because I was really hungry, but I absolutely loved tonight’s dinner. Typically, I mainly look forward to eating meats, but tonight I was even eager for the taste of vegetables. Hey, if skipping lunch will get me more enthusiastic about eating leafy greens, I’ll take it.

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Geo Life Meal Plan for Day 73

Geo Diet Day 73 Plan
BreakfastCitrus Protein Shake (214 cal)
Cherry Tomatoes
Cream Cheese
SupperOrange, Strawberry, and Vanilla Juice
SnackChocolate Chip & Spinach Chia Seed Smoothie
Daily Meal Plan Geo Lifestyle Day 73

Year of Change 
Max Ignatius Atlas 
Change Perception
Change Life

Daily Geo Lifestyle Planner Day 73

Accountability CalendarHourly Update
.30 –
.30 –
.30 –
05:00Woke to alarm
Ready for jog 05:15
06:00Jog + Meditate
.30 Car park Routine
.30 –
.30 –
.30 –
.30 –
.30 Break + 10 min walk
.30 –
.30 –
.30 –
.30 –
18:00Work – Start Commute Home 17:45
House Hold Chores
19:00Activites with Kids
.30Eat evening meal
.30 Supper
Worked on my book/blog
.30Final blog checks and
house check + Packed lunch
Geo Life Accountability Daily Planner – Day 73 Year of Change

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Daily Exercise Planner Day 73 Geo Life Year of Change

I need a weight beach the rice sack is great but they are getting cumbersome, I will have a look at Gumtree and see what I can find.

Type Of ExerciseRepetitions
Jogging90 Mins Moderate
LEVEL 1 HIIT Beginner Program
LEVEL 3 HIIT Intermediate
22kg Rice Sack Bench Press
22kg Rice Sack Bicep Curl
22kg Rice Sack Shoulder Press
22kg Rice Sack Bent-Over Row
22kg Rice Sack One Arm Swing
22kg Rice Sack Calf Raise
22kg Rice Sack Triceps Kickback
22kg Rice Sack Lateral Raise
22kg Rice Sack Lying Dumbbell Fly
22kg Rice Sack Glute Bridge
22kg Rice Sack Russian Twist
22kg Rice Sack Jack Knives
22kg Rice Sack Tricep Extensions
Day 73 Year Of Change Fit by 40 Exercises

Quote of the Day

Self-respect is the root of discipline: The sense of dignity grows
with the ability to say no to oneself.
― Abraham Joshua Heschel

Day 73 of the Year of Change Wrap Up

The new regime may help a little but not sure will see how it goes, I am concerned I will overeat later in the day if I under eat earlier. it comes down to discipline, however, I only have so much and need to train my discipline rather than risk total wipeout.

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#YOC Max Atlas Day 73
#YOC Max Atlas Day 73

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Doing Whatever it Takes for Self Improvement – Day 8

Max Ignatius Atlas
Max Ignatius Atlas
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