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List of books by Wayne Kyle Spitzer

List of Books by Wayne Kyle Spitzer with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Viola Carr. Find my selection in date order of Wayne Kyle Spitzer’s novels.

Wayne Kyle Spitzer List of Books to Read

Coming of Age Novels

The Boy Who Fell to Earth           (2018)          

Tales from the Flashback Books

Raptors on a Plane (2018)          

The Ank Williams Story    (2018)          

The Drive-in That Time Forgot   (2018)          

Thunder Lizard Road         (2018)          

And Let Loose the Beasts of Prey           (2018)          

Science Fiction Books

Algernon Blackwood’s The Willows      (2017)          

How About a Coke and Some Fries?    (2018)          

Lean Season (2017)          

Napoleon      (2018)          

Dinosaur Apocalypse        (2018)          

The Man/Woman War     (2018)          

Demonosaur           (2018)          

Dinosaur Rampage            (2018)          

The Quick and the Jurassic Undead      (2018)          

Clouds           (2018)          

The Barren   (2018)          

The Complete Ank and Williams            (2018)          

The Magnificent Bastards            (2018)          

‘R’ is for Revenge    (2018)          

Paladins        (2018)          

Dead World (2018)          

The Girl in Room 22           (2018)          

Get It Out of Me     (2018)          

Dark World  (2018)          

Flashback Books

Flashback     (2017)          

Flashback Dawn     (2018)          

Tales from the Flashback (2018)          

Flashback Twilight (2018)          

Ferryman Pentalogy Books

Comes a Ferryman            (2017)          

The Tempter and the Taker         (2017)          

The Pierced Veil      (2017)          

Black Hole, White Fountain         (2017)          

To the End of Ursathrax   (2017)          

Behind a Pale Mask           (2017)          

Short Stories

Wet Bark      (2017)          

Red Marillion           (2017)          

Coffin Road  (2017)          

That Thing We Killed         (2017)          

Killer in the Looking Glass            (2017)          

Flying the Fog Roads of Cascade            (2017)          

Faraway, Nearby   (2017)          

Seven Tales  (2018)          

Hunter and Hunted           (2018)          

Reigndeer     (2018)          

Death Scene            (2018)          

A Dinosaur Is A Man’s Best Friend Books

Part One: Radio Free Montana  (2018)          

Part Two: Into the Badlands       (2018)          

Part Three: The Beast in the Iron Mask            (2018)          

Part Four: Blues for a Drifter      (2018)          

Part Five: The Enemy Comes in Dream            (2018)          

Part Six: A Lament for the Dead (2018)          

Part Seven: The Prairie and the Darkness       (2018)          

Part Eight: The Slim Hand of the Past   (2018)          

Part Nine: The Demon and the Avatar (2018)          

Part Ten: The Hammer of El Shaddai    (2018)          

Flashback Dawn: A Serialized Novel Books

Naaygi           (2017)          

The Devil’s Shambhala      (2017)          

The Red-Eye Shift   (2018)          

Charlotte      (2018)          

The Children’s Reich          (2018)          

Throw Wide the Gates of Hell    (2018)          

Generation Zero     (2018)          

The X-Ray Rider Books

X-Ray Rider 1: Mileposts on the Road to Childhood’s End  (2017)          

X-Ray Rider 2: Mileposts on the Road to Childhood’s End  (2017)          

X-Ray Rider 3: Mileposts on the Road to Childhood’s End  (2017)          

The Men: A Tale of Alien Terror Books

A Tale of Alien Terror Book 1      (2018)          

A Tale of Alien Terror Book 2      (2018)          

The Witch Doctor Books Books

Enter the Witch Doctor    (2018)          

The Dagger and the Chalice        (2018)          

The Shadow, the Siren, and the Sage   (2018)                                              

List of books by Wayne Kyle Spitzer

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Wayne Kyle Spitzer. If we missed any be sure to let us know in comments of via the Contact Us.

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