VeChain, Big Eyes, and Cosmos are Proving Viable for 2023

Having said that, let’s look at some projects worth less than $100 that could still be very helpful in the long run. Tokens like VeChain (VET), Cosmos (ATOM), and Big Eyes Coin (BIG) should have a lot of support by the time the next bull run starts. After this, a short explanation of these tokens will be given. Bit Soft 360 is open to everyone who wants to trade cryptocurrency.

Using VeChain to handle problems in the supply chain

The first project on the list is VeChain, which is not anything else (VET). This network is a layer-1 intelligent contract network that runs on the Ethereum (ETH) chain. Sunny Lu, an electrical engineer who lived and worked in China, started VET. He has worked with the Internet of Things (IoT) technology before, so he knew what to do before beginning this project. The hard work of its Foundation meant that VET’s blockchain, called VeChainThor, was ready to use in the summer of 2018.

As the name suggests, the primary purpose of VET is to control problems with the supply chain, both on-chain and in the real world. With the help of its evidence of authority consensus, it plans to use technology like QR codes and keep track of things that can be touched. Because of how well it is made, VET’s blockchain can handle more than 10,000 transactions per second. It’s not hard to get; in 2021, it was worth $0.25, which was the most it’s ever been worth.

Cosmos is used to make a cryptocurrency that keeps its structure intact

Cosmos (ATOM) is the next cryptocurrency that the cryptocurrency world should pay attention to. It uses a multi-chain approach that can solve blockchain problems like scalability, pricing, and access. Jae Kwon and his college classmate Ethan Buchman came up with the idea for ATOM and started it up. Tendermint Inc. was in charge of making it work. This is a successful American IT company with its main office in the US.

Unlike VET, ATOM’s primary net went live in 2019, and because its architecture is so strong, there hasn’t been a security breach. ATOM is a unique cryptocurrency because it uses a method called “proof of stake” built into its network. When this article was written, more than 150 validators were on the ATOM chain. This shows that the number of validators has grown a lot. Since the cryptocurrency market’s collapse, ATOM’s price has dropped significantly, and it is now worth less than $50.

The cryptocurrency industry will be led by Big Eyes Coin.

Big Eyes, the last idea, should be considered (BIG). It was made to work as a meme token initially, but it quickly became popular on the cryptocurrency market. It does this by using the Ethereum (ETH) network and trying to make blockchain transactions free of charge. What makes BIG different is that it is committed to being open and honest.

Since Coinsniper and Solidity Finance are backing it, the chances of it being a scam are pretty low. Also, the team working on the project has plans for the future that could lead to this coin having its unique NFT collection. This will give BIG holders great chances and benefits in the long run. The supply has also been kept at its original level of 200 billion. If the burning process continues, this could be a big deal of how much it could be worth.

How to Buy the Big Eyes Coin Before It Comes Out

To hold Big Eyes Coin coins during the presale, you must go to their website and link your on-chain wallet. If you have enough money, you can trade your pair (USDT) for BIG coins and then claim them from the website before the presale period ends.

Generally, you can get any token related to one of these cryptocurrency projects for less than $100. Who knows what will happen if their growth keeps going at this rate? Even BIG could become more valuable than the other meme currencies one day.

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