Valuable Antiques You May Have Lying Around Your House

You Never Knew You Had These Valuable Antiques in Your House

Thanks to TV shows like Clash of the Collectables, an increasing number of Australians have started to rummage through their belongings in search of items that may be of considerable value. While rare coin and antique jewelry are known to be worth a substantial amount of money, there are many less-obvious antiques that could also be worth hanging on to or selling.  Taking a closer look at the furniture in your home as well as looking through your cupboards and boxes for anything from first-edition books to old cameras may turn out to be a very worthy endeavor.

First-Edition Books Can Fetch a Pretty Penny

Being a bookworm can seemingly pay off in more ways than one. Apart from gaining a plethora of knowledge or being whisked off to magical destinations, books can also earn you a fair amount of money – if they are first editions, of course. Although the chances are slim that you are in possession of a first edition of The Lord of the Rings Trilogy which is worth in the region of $83,000, there are a number of other books to also look out for.  Some first edition titles that may be of value include David Malouf’s ‘Johnno’,Ulvis Albert’s ‘Poker Face’, and ‘Captains Courageous’ by Rudyard Kipling.  Before putting your books up for sale, have them valued or you could end up losing out on a mall fortune.

Antique Furniture May Hold Great Value

When we think about antiques, furniture is typically one of the first things that come to mind, and with good reason. There is a large variety of furniture pieces of great value that can still be found in Australian homes. These include colonial cedar pole screens, Australian blackwood large specimen cases, colonial cedar four-poster beds dating as far back as 1845, and 1900 Federation-era revolving bookcases. Antique furniture requires a lot of love and care in order to retain both their appearance and value.  If you don’t see yourself making the effort to keep them dust and stain-free, it may be time you consider selling them to a collector.

Old Cameras May Be More Valuable Than You Think 

Many Australians are holding on to their old vintage camera that they can’t even by film for anymore. These antiquated implements, which are more than likely simply collecting dust somewhere in a box alongside forgotten photos, could actually prove to be very valuable. Photographers and collectors alike are always on the lookout for select vintage cameras and are willing to pay good money for them. If you come across an Asahi Pentax K1000 SLR or a Leica M3 that dates back to the mid-1950’s you could be a couple of thousands of dollars richer should you choose to sell.

Unless you recently held a garage sale and got rid of everything you don’t use, chances are you are in possession of at least one item of considerable value. As tempting as it may be to sell off anything that could bring in a fair amount of cash, remember that no amount of money can compete with the sentimental value of some beloved possessions.

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