Urgent Covid-19 Update for Greater Sydney

Due to increased COVID-19 activity, authorities have enhanced restrictions and the lockdown for seven days which starts on 12th August to 28th August. The strict measures put in place include an outdoor mask order and, the travel limit is within a radius of 5km.

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The strict rules cover Greater Sydney. It includes the Central Coast, Liverpool, Parramatta, Bayside, Strathfield, Blue Mountains, Wollongong, and Shellharbour. However, a few constructions have resumed after a two-week ban.

The suburbs within Penrith are under strict measures. It includes Caddens, St Clair, Orchid Hills, Mount Vernon, and Colyton. The local government regions of Brewarrina, Gilgandra, Walgett, and Warren started a week-long lockdown from 11th August to at least 19th August.

Read carefully through this on clarification received by New South Wales(NSW) and ACT about common property maintenance.

Restoration, Reconstruction, and Maintenance

·        For Construction sites 

Construction sites involve work in a home where no people are living. The work involves excavation, demolishing or changing a structure.

All work is authorized at construction sites in Greater Sydney and areas affected in regional NSW and rural NSW. 

All other minor repairs like gardening, cleaning gutters are expected to stop for seven days during the lockdown.

Within the local government region of concern, work is authorized from 11th August 2021. However, they need to comply with the government’s directive

Workers Allowed at Construction Site

All the workers who do not live in the local government area of concern can work at the construction site. 

Workers from regional and rural NSW are allowed to work in construction sites apart from those living in a local government area of concern who can’t work at construction sites in regional and rural NSW.

Workers from local government areas of concern are not permitted to work on regional and rural NSW construction sites.

·        Requirements for Construction Sites

Construction sites that operate in Greater Sydney should have:

A social distance of 1 person per 4 square meters at the construction site. 

Half the per cent of the daily workforce

Construction sites that are allowed to operate in regional and rural NSW should have:

One person per 5 square meters at the construction site. A maximum number of 25 people at the site.

However, those allowed to work on construction sites need to abide by the COVID-19. 

  • There are vaccination requirements before entering the site. If you live in the local government area of concern, you should be vaccinated.
  • Possess a COVID-19 safety plan
  • Have the limited capacity for construction site
  • Workers must be willing to put on masks at all times correctly.

For Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning and maintenance are authorized for workers staying in Greater Sydney and any areas in Regional NSW. 

Handling waste and cleaning common property of residential areas may proceed. Only necessary work such as wiring and plumbing are allowed at the local government areas of concern.

Who Can Work?

Any person who lives in Greater Sydney apart from those staying at local government areas of concern.

The following rules should be followed for people doing cleaning and maintenance.

  • A maximum of 2 people working in an indoor area
  • A tenant must stay in a different room from where work is being carried out
  • A maximum of 5 people to work in an outdoor area
  • The workers should put on their face masks at all times and minimize the time they spend indoors.

Building Managers

On-site facility managers are allowed to continue with their work in the buildings. However, NSW encourages them to work from home. There should be limited contact with the residents.

Strata and Community Land Regulations

Strata meetings are allowed as long as the participants follow the COVID-19 protocols to keep safe, wear masks and sanitize.



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