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List of books by Upton Sinclair

List of Books by Upton Sinclair with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Upton Sinclair. Find my selection in date order of Upton Sinclair’s novels.

Upton Sinclair List of Books to Read

Annapolis Books

Bound for Annapolis         (1903)          

Clif, the Naval Cadet          (1903)          

Lanny Budd Books

World’s End (1940)          

Between Two Worlds       (1941)          

Dragon’s Teeth       (1942)          

Wide is the Gate     (1943)          

Presidential Agent  (1944)          

Dragon Harvest      (1945)          

A World to Win       (1947)          

Presidential Mission          (1947)          

One Clear Call          (1948)          

O Shepherd, Speak            (1949)          

The Return of Lanny Budd           (1953)          

Lanny Budd Non-Fiction Books

Index to the Lanny Budd Story   (1943)          

Standalone Novels

Springtime and Harvest   (1901)          

A Cadet’s Honor     (1903)          

Off for West Point (1903)          

Prince Hagen           (1903)          

The West Point Rivals        (1903)          

A West Point Treasure      (1903)          

Manassas      (1904)          

A Captain of Industry        (1906)          

The Condemned Meat Industry (1906)          

Markets and Misery          (1907)          

The Metropolis       (1908)          

The Moneychangers         (1908)          

Love’s Pilgrimage   (1911)          

Damaged Goods     (1913)          

Sylvia (1913)          

Sylvia’s Marriage    (1914)          

King Coal       (1917)          

The Journal of Arthur Stirling     (1919)          

The Jungle    (1919)          

The Overman          (1919)          

Samuel the Seeker (1919)          

100% (1920)          

The Spy         (1920)          

The Book of Life      (1922)          

They Call Me Carpenter    (1922)          

The Millennium       (1924)          

Oil!     (1927)          

Mountain City         (1930)          

Roman Holiday       (1931)          

Jimmie Higgins        (1933)          

The Lie Factory Starts       (1934)          

Depression Island   (1935)          

Co-op (1936)          

The Gnomobile       (1936)          

William Fox  (1936)          

Our lady: A novel   (1937)          

Dragon’s Teeth       (1942)          

Little Steel     (1946)          

Mellem to Verdener          (1947)          

Limbo On the Loose          (1948)          

Another Pamela     (1950)          

Enemy in the Mouth         (1954)          

What Didymus did (1954)          

The Cup of Fury      (1956)          

Affectionately Eve  (1961)          

Boston           (1965)          

Flivver King  (1971)          

The Coal War           (1976)          

The Pot Boiler          (2003)          

Short Story Collections

Plays of Protest       (1970)          


Cry for Justice         (1966)          

Standalone Plays

Hell     (1923)          

Marie Antoinette    (1939)          

Enemy Had It Too  (1950)          

The Machine            (2004)          

The Naturewoman            (2004)          

Non-Fiction Books

The Profits of Religion       (1900)          

Good Health and How We Won It        (1909)          

The Fasting Cure     (1911)          

The Sinclair-Astor letters  (1914)          

The High Cost of Living     (1919)          

The Industrial Republic     (1919)          

Russia            (1919)          

Socialism and How it is Coming  (1920)          

Goose Step   (1922)          

The Goslings            (1924)          

Letters to Judd, an American Workingman    (1926)          

The Spokesman’s Secretary        (1926)          

Money Writes!        (1927)          

The Crimes of the Times   (1929)          

Mental Radio           (1930)          

Upton Sinclair on Comrade Kautsky     (1931)          

Upton Sinclair, Station A, Pasadena, California, September, 1931         (1931)          

American Outpost (1932)          

Candid Reminiscences      (1932)          

I, Governor of California, and How I Ended Poverty           (1933)          

The Way Out           (1933)          

The Epic Plan for California         (1934)          

Immediate Epic       (1934)          

Upton Sinclair’s Last Will and Testament         (1934)          

Epic Answers           (1935)          

I, Candidate for Governor and How I Got Licked      (1935)          

Wally for Queen!   (1936)          

We, People of America     (1936)          

No Pasaran! (1937)          

Letters to a Millionaire      (1938)          

Terror in Russia?    (1938)          

What Can Be Done About America’s Economic Troubles? (1939)          

Your Million Dollars           (1939)          

Peace or War in America (1941)          

To the Conquered Peoples of Europe  (1941)          

To Solve the German Problem   (1943)          

This World of 1949 and What to Do About It            (1948)          

A Personal Jesus     (1954)          

Spirits in American Literature     (1955)          

My Lifetime in Letters       (1960)          

The Autobiography of Upton Sinclair   (1962)          

The Secret Life of Jesus     (1962)          

The Brass Check      (1970)          

Biographical and Critical Opinions        (1973)          

Mammonart            (1975)          

Upton Sinclair Presents William Fox     (1976)          

Upton Sinclair: Four Unpublished Letters       (1984)                                              

List of books by Upton Sinclair

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Upton Sinclair. If we missed any be sure to let us know in comments of via the Contact Us.

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